Why You Need To Visit Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park


For an afternoon of exploring, adventure, family fun and scaly creatures, make sure you visit the Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park. It’s an exciting outing perfect for the whole family. Here are eight reasons why you need to visit this weekend. 

1. Edutainment For The Kids

Looking for a way to keep the kids entertained over the weekend or during the school holidays? This is a great start! And not only is visiting the Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park loads of fun for the whole family, but it also offers kids an educational experience like no other. What better way to learn about these scaly, cold-blooded reptilian critters than by visiting the park, gaining insight and info on them with guided tours, cool shows and feeding times?

2. They Offer Hands-On Interaction With These Creatures!

As part of the educational aspect of Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park, kids (and even adults) can get up close and personal with the slithery, scaly, hairy and creepy park residents.How up close and personal is up close and personal” you may ask? Well, let’s just say you’ll have these critters right in the palm of your hands (guided and assisted, of course! Safety first!). If this makes your skin crawl, don’t worry, it’s the perfect activity to help you overcome and conquer your fear of this scary yet oh-so-fascinating animals.

Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park

3. Try Out The Croc City Flyover… If You Dare!

As if conquering your fear of creepy creatures wasn’t enough, you can also overcome your fear of heights with the Croc City Flyover! This 150m zip line is the perfect thrill for those who are brave and adventurous at heart. Built by Chimp and Zee, the Croc City Flyover is an adrenaline-fueled opportunity to fly or zip over Nile Crocodiles as they watch from below! Sounds scary, right? But don’t worry, it’s completely safe as you’ll be equipped with the latest safety gear and escorted by trained guides over the two 75m zip lines.

The zip line tour consists of three platforms – the starting point, the middle section and the ending platform. The first section of the zip line traverses over two separate crocodile enclosures ending on the middle double platform. The second section extends over the large crocodile enclosure to the ending platform.

This is the perfect opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the various enclosures and the crocodiles. Cost is only R100 per person and it’s worth every Rand as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime African adventure, designed to captivate and enthral every brave heart or adrenaline junkie!

4. They Host Interesting Venomous Snake Shows on Sundays

Do you kids have a fondness for snakes? Well, then they’ll definitely want to see the Venomous Snake Shows on Sundays and Public Holidays at 11:00. This show is separate from the usual reptile interaction but is included with your entry fee to the park. Here, you can enjoy an hour-long show that covers a wide range of venomous snake, as well as all the facts and myths about them. The professional tour guides will also discuss snake safety like what to do if you come face-to-face with these dangerous creatures in the wild. You’ll even have the unique opportunity to SAFELY touch a living, breathing Puff Adder (we got the chills when we did!) and ask questions.

Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park

5. Lunchtime For The Crocs on Weekends

Ever seen a crocodile eat? Other than on the Discovery Channel, that is. No? Well, here is your chance! Visitors will be able to catch crocodile feedings on Saturdays and Sundays at 14:00. This experience is included in the entry fee, so make sure you don’t miss out. It’s definitely something you don’t see everyday.

6. Explore The Park With Daily Guided Tours

Another interesting activity that’s part of your day at the Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park is the guided tour. A professional tour guide will take you and your family on an informative and exciting tour of the park, where you’ll get the opportunity to see a variety of reptiles, from crocs and snakes to big lizards and more. Tours are guide throughout the park every hour, starting from 09:00 – 16:30 daily. This is also include in your entry fee.

Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park

7. It’s Fun That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Another question you might have: cost? Honestly, entry is not that bad considering you get a full experience all in one ticket. You can expect to pay the following:

  • Adult: R100 per person
  • Pensioner: R90 per person
  • Child: R70 per child

Your entrance fee to Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park includes interaction with a baby crocodile and other reptiles (supervised by a professional guide); a guided tour where you’ll get to visit the resident alligators and crocodiles; and if you’re visiting on Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00 and 15:00, you’ll get a chance to see the crocodile feeding.

Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park

8. It’s Also A Great Place To Host A Birthday Party

Parents, you don’t need to worry about a thing! Just sit back, relax and let the Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park take care of everything when it comes to your little one’s birthday party. On the day of the party, all you have to do is show up and have fun. They will setup, decorating and clean-up. Their parties run all year long, offering a truly memorable experience. Parties can be hosted during the following times:

  • Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays): time can be selected
  • Saturday: 09:30 – 12:00 | 13:30 – 16:00
  • Sunday 13:30 – 16:00

Also, you can choose from one of the following party packages:

Standard Package

  • Plate of treats per kid containing chips, Jelly Tots, Fizz Pop, Fizzer and a juice
  • Toasted sarmie
  • Ice-cream

Pizza Package

  • Kid will be able to make their own pizzas at the new Pizza area and get a juice

Deluxe Pizza Package

  • Plate of treats per kid containing chips, Jelly Tots, Fizz Pop, Fizzer and a juice
  • Kids get to make their own pizzas
  • Ice-cream
  • A cake in the shape of a crocodile
  • Party pack to take home

Own Catering Package

  • Each child will get a sticker

For More Information About Croc City & Reptile Park

For more information about Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park, visit their website at

You can also contact them on 083 321 1016 or 083 657 7561, or

Don’t forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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