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DIY Masks To Make With The Little Ones

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With the rapid spread of the coronavirus, demand for masks has multiplied. If you're struggling to find a mask, why not make one instead? This is a great way to get creative with the kids while everyone is under lockdown. Watch these videos for a step-by-step tutorial on how to DIY a mask. 

How To Make A DIY No Sew Face Mask

Did you know that you can make a mask yourself? Try your hand at making this no sew face mask. Get all the supplies, grab the kids and start crafting your own personalised masks from the step-by-step tutorial below. This easy tutorial shows you a quick way to make a washable mask using a couple of hair ties and a bandana.

DIY Home Made Face Mask From Socks

Have mismatched socks lying around the house? Well, try out this no sew face mask DIY with the little ones. Check out this video, get crafty and make your face mask using old socks with some help from the kids.

Three Easy No Sew Face Masks Using Things You Have At Home

Make not one, but three face masks at home with these easy steps. They are affordable to make and don’t require a sewing machine. So, follow this easy step-by-step video and try your hand at any of these masks.

DIY COVID-19 Fabric Mask (With Filter Pocket) Sewing Tutorial

Once you and your little ones have created these masterpieces, don’t forget to take care of them to make sure that they are always clean and safe to use. Make sure you:

  • Wash fabric masks daily.
  • Replace non-woven layer with a fresh one – do not reuse!
  • Do not wear masks if you have respiratory illnesses.
  • Save the surgical masks for medical professionals who are on the frontline of healthcare, and use them only when you need to.
  • Wash your hands often – it’s more important than wearing a mask.

Three Easy Face Masks From Cloth Bag

Here are three simple and easy surgical face mask DIYs you can definitely make at home. The instructions are easy for the kids to understand, making this the perfect DIY for you and the little ones.

DIY Face Mask With Slot For Filter With Patterns

With this tutorial, you can learn how to make a mask that’ll make it easier for you to breathe by using air filters. The filters will prevent dust and infection, but need to be changed regularly. You can download any pattern from the internet and print it on your fabric or you can choose a pattern you’ve created yourself.

Easy DIY Neoprene Face Mask 

With the weather changing constantly, it can be difficult to stay warm and keep safe from the virus. This mask is just what you need to help keep you warm, as the fabric helps insulate temperature.

Disclaimer: We, under no circumstances, state that this will prevent or stop the COVID-19 virus, but recommend this as an added measure of protection. 

Have you made your own mask? Share a photo of your creation with us to help inspire others.


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