Dining At Kraal Restaurant In Thaba Eco Hotel

If you find yourself somewhere in the South of Joburg, you definitely must stop over at the Kraal Restaurant in Thaba Eco Hotel for a meal to remember!

It’s not every restaurant you walk into with little or no particular expectations then completely get extremely wooed by the level of quality and taste in their food. This is what happened to me at the first bite of my starter at the Kraal Restaurant. I was at the restaurant for lunch with some family friends, so to an extent the family part of it was more important than the food until I tasted the food…

For starters I was torn between the Chicken Salad and the Halloumi Salad. I eventually picked the Halloumi because I always pick chicken so I thought something different was in order. I was immediately struck with panic the minute the waitron walked away because I remembered how I never like halloumi anything, ever. But to my pleasant surprise, and kudos to the Kraal Restaurant chef, my perspective on halloumi has changed forever. The Halloumi salad absolutely divine. I have never tasted a salad so good at a restaurant. I was even more impressed by the freshness of their ingredients and the surprise elements of the bacon bits in the salad. Absolutely amazing!

For mains, the Thai Green Curry served with basmati rice and roasted vegetables was the choice and one I’m proud to have made. Never have I ever been so impressed with a Thai dish and a non-Thai restaurant. I mean, they could easily compete with actual Thai restaurants and give them a good running for their money. The curry was phenomenal! The flavors just burst through in your mouth with the perfect amount of spicy that adds zest without overwhelming you. Just sheer perfection. Needless to say, the vegetables were roasted to the perfection with just the right amount of freshness and crunchiness maintained. YUM!


My favorite part of the meal came, dessert. I opted for the Baked Cheesecake served with ice cream. Just at one bite, I went to heaven and came back a new woman. The texture, taste and combination of flavors was to die for! I might sound like a broken record by now but it hands down the best baked cheesecake I have ever had. The berry bits infused in the cake were also just perfect. I as thoroughly satisfied. For non-dessert fanatics, the cake potions might be overwhelming for you especially if you don’t have a sweet-tooth, I recommend you share between two. Otherwise, Kraal Restaurant has spectacular food. Definite must-try on your to-do list!


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