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Diesel Presents The Most Expensive T-Shirts Ever!

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For the first time ever Diesel, together with the real estate group Bel-Invest, has entered the world of real estate with the first residential Diesel building, located in Miami, Florida. Diesel

The Most Expensive T-Shirts Ever!

And what was the workaround to keep clothes front-and-centre in the project, starting from the launch? An unconventional advertising campaign called “The Most Expensive T-Shirts Ever”: 143 unique tops that cost the approximate of a new dwelling, each t-shirt featuring a front-facing printed graphic of one of 143 apartments at Diesel’s Wynwood condo development.

How Does It Work?

With near certainty, the company claims that these are “the most expensive t-shirts in the world.” T-shirt “D6-L7”, for example, clocks in at a tab of $1.049.000. T-shirt “F2-L7” has a price tag of $5.500.000. But if you buy one, you get a new home—in Diesel’s brand new Wynwood condominium for free. The campaign launched this week during Miami Art Basel and features a typical high-end (and at the same time high-street) fashion campaign approach, with Diesel’s unmistakably ironic touch.


Before deciding to buy one you can also have a sneak peek at how the apartments will be, starting from December 4th at the Diesel Wynwood Condominium – 148 NW, 28TH ST, Miami. Diesel celebrated the exclusive launch of the Diesel Wynwood 28, their first residential building with the likes of Brandi Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Patrick Pires, Purple, Alec Monopoly, and Alexa Dellanos.


Get Yours Now!

Sales are open, what are you waiting for? As a fusion between sea and city, Miami’s Wynwood district is home to the largest, most ambitious project yet from Diesel Living: a contemporary residence where the surrounding artistic and post-industrial scape merges with the nearness of nature—the essence of Diesel, conceived for the first time as a dramatic, luxurious space of comfort and cutting-edge design.


Wynwood is Miami at its best. It’s where the ocean breeze carries the water and the sky, where disused warehouses have birthed a vibrant new cosmopolitan culture, and where a city of artful regeneration and proximity to the elements has taken root. And, at the heart of this new Miami, DIESEL presents a vision of what modern metropolitan life can be with a light-filled residence guided by nature and well-being.

The Diesel Wynwood, a WELL-certified building, is enriched by a host of rivetingly designed areas, including a vividly contemporary pool, gym, meditation room, meeting space, and an expansive, open-space lobby with an art gallery zone, plus the extravagance of a courtyard, which in DIESEL’s hands becomes a jungle of tropical plants for residents.


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