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Create A Homey Living Space

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Have you ever visit other people's living spaces and found that some feel more homey than others? Could be anything from the furniture they have to the scent of the rooms. Here's a list to help you make your living space feel like a home that you and visitors won't want to leave!

homey living room

Invest in quality

We don't always have the budget for good quality furniture or products but sometimes it is far better to wait till we can afford it than settling for something cheap and flimsy. The bonus with investing in high quality products is that you don't have to worry about replacing or easily damaging it. It's with you for the long run and when something looks good, it looks good... this is your first step to a homey living space.

DIY: If your budget is really tight but you still want good quality furniture, consider making your own. Check this website out for some cool ideas.

Maintain your space

Cleanliness is most definitely next to goldenness, see what I did there? Everyone loves a clean living space, whether its your own or when visiting a friend. Some people will get the clean part of things right but perhaps tidiness and storage might be the issue. Try keep your living space both clean and tidy that even you won't want to mess it up unnecessarily. Make sure you use economical cleaning products to avoid any damages to your space or yourself.

DIY: Click here of tips for storage and visit this website on cleaning schedule tips.

Know your space

Interior décor is not everyone's forte, however, if you take time to understand your living space's dimensions, you'll be surprised what you can do with it. From colours to corners, try to figure out where to best place your main and miscellaneous furniture. Your aim should be a set-up that creates an illusion of more space (maximise on the natural light) if you live in a small space or cosy space if you live in a huge space. Learn your space and see how to best draw a balance.

DIY: Visit this website to learn tips and tricks on how to best decorate functional/studio spaces.

Add personal touches

Don't know about you but some of us treat our living space a lot like a walk-in diary. And no we don't mean we have all our dirty little secrets hanging all over the place, but all the little treasures and keep-safes we have collected over the years have a special place in our space.
From crafty DIY projects, photographs, accessories to pot plants. This part doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket at all, it's more about getting your creative juices flowing into your living space in a way that represents you.

DIY: Instead of spending ridiculous amounts on art works, look through your computer, pick your favourite photographs, print, frame and hang them. Or if you have children or siblings, frame their artwork and crafty projects... better yet, explore your inner creative genius and create your own artwork!

Scents, scents, scents!

A niche market already gravitates towards scented candles or essence for their homes. Ditch the typical air fresheners and invest in some good scents. It can be anything from the scented candles, essence to potpourri, you have options. Nothing is more pleasant and makes you feel like you're walking into a home than a freshly scented space. For your bathrooms, go for nature-scented air fresheners, who really wants to smell strawberries and cream right after doing their business?

DIY: Learn how to make your own potpourri here, or try some amazing scented candles from Yankee Candle.

Here's to your living space feeling like a home!

By Cleopatra Shava

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