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Craft Your Own Easter Treats At The Chocolate Den

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Easter is just around the corner. (Can you just taste the scrumptious chocolate feast? ) The Chocolate Den in Edenvale certainly can. Visit them to find the best cooking and baking chocolate, baking equipment and piping tools. Or, book a class at their Kitchen Venue studio to learn more about everything chocolate. 

The Chocolate Den

The Chocolate Den was established in the early 1980s, as one of the first-ever stores in Joburg to specialise in chocolate moulds and moulding chocolate. Shortly after the business first found its feet, owner and creator, Felicity Phillips opened her store in Glendower, Edenvale. The store still stands today, just a few metres from the N3 Linksfield Road off ramp.

The Chocolate Den is a chocolate lovers paradise - offering everything from edible decorations and cake toppers, to intricate Isomalt moulds for seasoned chocolatiers. Through hard work and trusted quality products, they have become the largest chocolate mould supplier in South Africa.

In the run up to the Easter season, why not pop by the Chocolate Den? Whether you are a newbie to chocolate moulding or an old hat whizz, they will have exactly what you need. Whip up a couple of chocolate Easter bunnies for the kids, or attend a baking class at their Kitchen Venue. No more trips to busy supermarkets to hunt for overpriced Easter eggs. You can now custom make your children's chocolate treats to perfection. Put on your bunny suits and hop around the garden, because you are officially the new Easter Bunny!

Chocolate Den

Chocolate Goodies

True to their customer friendly service, The Chocolate Den have their own online shopping platform. So, if you just don't have the time to pop out to the store this Easter, register on their website and get shopping.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

The Chocolate Den stock only the finest baking chocolate. From 70% Belgian dark chocolate chips, to truffle shells and coloured chocolate discs, they have it all. Check out their range of baking chocolate options here.


What sets The Chocolate Den apart from other baking supply stores, is their chocolate and cake decorating materials. They have all the goodies you could ever need to transform your bakes from mediocre to outstanding. We are particularly fond of their sugarveil mats, which allow you to pipe the most intricate buttercream icing designs and lace work for cakes or fancy Easter biscuits. Get yours here.


The Chocolate Den aren't only all about chocolate. They also stock all the ingredients you could need to whip up delicious Easter puddings and cakes for the whole family. Blanched almonds, roasted hazelnuts and ground coconut are just a few of the must-have ingredients available at their online store. However, if you are in need of a little extra chocolate flavour, be sure to pick up their Belgian cocoa powder. Yummy!

Chocolate Den

The Kitchen Venue

The Chocolate Den have been running baking and cake decorating classes since they first opened almost 40 years ago. They now have their own dedicated class space, The Kitchen Venue - located on the same property as the store. The Kitchen Venue hosts regular classes, ranging from sugar work to fondant flowers and figurines.

Over Easter time, The Chocolate Den and Kitchen Venue host chocolate moulding and cupcake decorating classes. These classes either take place via Facebook Live or in person at the Kitchen Venue. Larger classes are held juts outside the store in compliance with social distancing protocols. Join in on their next class to create your own chocolate masterpieces or Easter Bunny biscuits. Most of the classes accommodate children and teens as well, so bring them along. What better way could there be to spend quality time together, while learning more about the art of chocolate mastery?

Follow The Chocolate Den on Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming classes.

For more information

For more information about The Chocolate Den, click here.

Alternatively, contact them on (+27) 11 453 8160 or via email at [email protected]

Address: Glendower Shopping Centre, 99 Linksfield Rd, Edenvale, Johannesburg.


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