Getting A Cuppa Joe At The Zone @ Rosebank, Brew!

It’s a world of brewing at The Zone @ Rosebank, check out these cool Coffee Spots to explore and get your kick for the day.

Joburg is developing a huge coffee culture and people in the city are becoming true connoisseurs in the art of java drinking. Everyone is always looking for the perfect spot for their caffeine fix, so here is a quick guide to getting a cuppa Joe at The Zone @ Rosebank, brew!

The city is starting to appreciate the root of the coffee, from the bean to the brewing process. People love the idea of being able to explore with different roasts, comparing the flavours and going on a journey to finding their best blend.

You are probably wondering “where do I begin?“. The Zone @ Rosebank waits eagerly for you to pay a visit. The Zone @ Rosebank is packed with awesome coffee spots to explore. Not only that, but these stores specialise in the bean work, making magic in a cup so you can expect perfection.

Let’s take a look at what The Zone @ Rosebank has in store for us with these cool coffee spots.

Coffee Spots Johannesburg

Motherland Coffee Company

With a slogan like “Drink The Love”, how can you resist but fall in love with the coffee at Motherland Coffee Company.

They take pride in their coffee, sourcing their beans from across Africa from countries including Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Congo. They remind you why Africa is the Motherland. They are situated in a cosy corner at The Zone @ Rosebank, welcoming you to a warm and comforting setting.

They are all about making sure that you get the perfect cup of coffee accompanied by delicious delights and a good homely ambiance.

Coffee Spots Johannesburg

Father Coffee

Father Coffee is all about the minimalist feel and they have perfected the look and simplicity of their packaging.

They specialise in hot and cold brews, ensuring that you get your coffee just the way you like it. You also have a wide range of blends to choose from – they have coffee from all over the world including countries that would never cross your mind, such as Guatemala and Honduras.

So, you get to explore the world all in one place and get that kick that you so desire.

Coffee Spots Johannesburg

Starbucks Coffee Company

This vibrant coffee shop has been long-awaited by the Joburgers and now sits in bustling Rosebank. Starbucks Coffee Company has many people flocking to it to have their amazing coffee.

They have mastered the art of bringing the old and the new together. Starbucks takes variety to a whole new level, you could probably have a different drink every week for years. Maybe a bit exaggerated, however, they offer a world of exploring.

Their inviting space is always gathering the coffee junkies to spend time at their store.

Time To Get That Kick…

Now that we have taken a look at what’s brewing, now is the time to grab a friend and go grab a cuppa Joe. Are we allowed to say cheers if the drink is hot?

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