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Ladies hate the smell but love the look of a man smoking one. It gives off that real manly vibe and makes the smoker feel like Al Pacino in Scarface. That’s right I’m talking about cigars – where to get them, where to smoke them and how to enjoy them!


Some people have a fascination with cigars, and yes, I am one of them. In America, over 3.8 billion cigars are smoked annually, however, back in South Africa, they aren’t often available in stores or clubs. The younger market is also the least likely to be seen smoking them. But, if you’re part of the niche few who enjoys a deep puff or two, here’s where you can find them around town…

The Cigar Club

You can’t smoke cigars without buying some first. I found the best place to get good imported cigars at the best prices is at The Cigar Club. They require you to register as a club member before making a purchase, but membership is FREE, so don’t stress. Tip: take a look at their offerings carefully because they have special packages worked out for weddings or sample packs of the five top-rated cigars etc. These packages are also cool because you save a bit off a regular purchase… and that’s always good.

Katzy’s Rosebank

Katzy’s is a five-star experience as far as bars and lounges go. They specialise in live jazz with that wall to wall leather and wood look, expensive whiskeys and of course smoking stoggies. They have a range of cigars on hand to add to your eventful night out.


Cubana, as the name so implies, is a Cuban themed venue where you can buy cigars, kick back and relax in a faux Cuban type environment. Their claim to fame is that they are singularly the biggest cigar traders in South Africa with all the Cuban and Dominican cigars a connoisseur might want. They also boast their own brand of cigars which is apparently quite pleasing.

Churchill’s Bar

Churchill’s Bar is styled to look just like an upmarket British gentleman’s club, which means it had to include a special place to smoke a cigar or two. Choose from an impressive selection of cigars on offer and pair it with an even more impressive choice of whiskies. All that’s missing is a smoking jacket and a pair of loafers.

The Polo Bar at the Four Seasons Westcliff Hotel

The Polo Bar boasts a stylish colonial setting with a polo based design giving it a very regal feel. The view from the bar is spectacular and is a perfect spot to light up, chat or reflect on the busy week that was. A little later, it’s worth digging into one of their delicious cocktails and possibly lighting another stoggie… what could be better?

Know other cigar venues or retailers not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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  1. I also think it’s worth noting that there are a number of really great online stores in SA that offer quick delivery and decent prices. E.g. &

    1. Hi im looking for a place to sell my cohiba maduro cigars i have 5 boxes of 25 still sealed could u plz help me my Name is Jamie and my tell num is 0712872900 if u could help it would be super

  2. Why not also try they’re a cigar subscription box. So each month you get to try new cigars you may not know of. Its perfect if you are getting started and have no idea what to smoke. I even got a free lighter and cutter with my first order

  3. Try “CIGAR Global” , it’s a Facebook page , the best best prices in the country , and awesome service, I also found cigars I could not previously find in South Africa on the Page.

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