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Chefs in Motion

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Welcome to Chefs In Motion

Food That Happens

Chefs In Motion originates from a combination of elements, ranging from the perfect meal, to vibe, lighting, music and an ambiance second to none.

The feel behind this dining institution is influenced by Chef/Owner Ryan Pearsall – whose menu has an African, Canadian feel. A menu that changes seasonally maintaining the elements of surprise to the public and regular clientele. Along with Mike Varrie both owners having done their apprentership internationally have brought an offshore flavour to the local menu.

The balance between the waiting bar (a vibe in itself) and a dining room strategically based around a centralised kitchen, this 200 + seater gives a feeling of welcome & warmth – a symbiotic dining experience. Added value comes in the form of outside catering; and personalised dinning brings favourite cuisine to private homes.

A sun deck overlooking Lonehill together with a fine cocktail menu and an in-house sushi chef creates the ultimate sundowner.


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