Why You Need To Try Out Chaplin’s Grill

Travel on an all-round food experience at the urban contemporary Chaplin’s Grill in Hurlingham. It’s a great place to explore unique flavours.

Eating out is most fun when you know the service will be great and you will get to try something new every single time. So we decided to share one of the best grills that Johannesburg has to offer – Chaplin’s Grill.

Chaplin’s Is The Place To Be

Chaplin’s Grill has been around for a very long time and they are still serving some of the best food and wine in Jozi. The restaurant found its humble beginnings in the bustling Melville and then graced an elegant spot in Hurlingham in 2012.

The restaurant is situated in a beautiful corner and building that truly speaks to the nostalgic vibe that Chaplin’s Grill has always had. This is accompanied by their amazing urban contemporary dining experience and spectacular service that they give to everyone who walks through the door.

As soon as you walk in, Chaplin’s Grills’ decor will wow you with its elegance, contemporary feel and spontaneous touches that speak to the modern day foodie.

Chaplins Grill


Mouthwatering And Delicious

Chaplin’s Grill has a very generous menu that allows you to try something new every time you visit.

Their menu is great for those looking for variety and something different. They take the dining experience to a whole new level with their innovative options.

As much as they appreciate the art of culinary and traditional grills, they have mastered the art of bringing together traditional and urban fare to give you the perfect meal.

Some of their unique dishes are inspired by flavours from around the world. This includes Calamari Salad in a mustard and dill vinaigrette, Brinjal Mille Feuille with mozzarella and olive tapenade or the simple, yet flavourful, Duck Spring Roll.

They have a separate functions and main menu, so you can explore more options. Their functions menu comes in set options that simplify your choices.

Chaplins Grill


Cheers And Sips

Chaplin’s Grill is known for their delectable wine offerings. Having won Platinum in the Diners Club Wine List Awards, you can expect the best selection of wines.

All the wine aficionados will appreciate a delicious pairing with great wine to compliment their meal. The restaurant is very proud of their wine offerings.

Chaplin’s also has a variety of beverages for the explorer who enjoys alternative drinks. They offer wine, beer and spirit tastings, so you can have the opportunity to try out something new.

And, they offer chocolate tastings. Talk about indulgent! They have over 10 tastings to choose from, so you have no excuse not to book yours for an amazing brewed up experience.



Chaplin’s offers wine and dinner pairings as well as wine blending events from time to time.

This allows you to open your taste buds to something new and to explore the different flavours and perhaps discover new favourites.

Let’s eat!

Chaplins Grill

For More Information

For more information about this restaurant, visit their website at www.chaplinsgrill.co.za.

You can also contact them on 076 564 5979.

Also, don’t forget to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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