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Cat Village In Benoni Is A Must-Visit For Cat Lovers

Cat Village In Benoni Is A Must-Visit For Cat Lovers

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Did you know that there is a village of cats right here in Jozi? Visit the Cat Village in Benoni to get your fill of these purring fur-balls! Cat

About Cat Village

Cat Village has been in operation since 2004. To date, they have taken in approximately 1000 cats who have found their forever home at the Cat Village. The cats at this village are not available for adoption as they come from horrific and stressful situations and need special care.


Cat Village is a safe, happy and stress-free environment where the cats can roam free. They live on two hectares of natural vegetation, dotted with wooden Wendy houses for shelter. All cats are sterilised, well fed and have water available 24 hours a day, ensuring they are always well cared for.

Who Made It All Possible?

Irma Teller is the special lady who devoted herself to the rescue of abused, abandoned and homeless cats. She and her husband, Herbert, have always had a desire to create a cat sanctuary where they could care and look after unwanted and neglected felines. Their dream became a reality when they found a property in Benoni and turned it into a haven for many cats.


Donations & Contributions

Want to help out where you can? Well, you can be a hero too by donating and contributing to this great cause. Cat Village is a registered PBO and any donations made to them are tax deductible; tax receipts are issued on request. They receive no funding, relying entirely on your generosity.


Sponsor A Cat

Since you cannot adopt any of the cats, show your support to these animals by sponsoring a cat, a sterilisation or by contributing to their wish list. Click here to find out more.


Become A Volunteer Or A Member

You can also become a member of this organisation. They need dedicated volunteers to help lighten their load by assisting with fundraisers, computer and admin duties and landscaping. Whether you are talented or a jack-of-all-trades, you can volunteer at this organisation and help better the lives of these felines.


Cat Village Events

Cat Village hosts many events throughout the year. Keep your eyes glued to their website to stay informed about their latest news and events. Upcoming events at Cat Village include:

For More Information

For more information, email them at [email protected]. Alternatively, visit their website or follow them on their Facebook page.


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