Where To Have Your Cake And Eat It In Joburg

An unexpected cake craving can strike at any time. All you can do is make sure you’re well-prepared… that’s why we’ve listed our top places to get the best slice. 


Paul Bakery

Paul Bakery recreates the old-world atmosphere of Paris in the 1920s with its pavement cafés and romantic ambience. What better way to celebrate life than spending a few lazy hours at this café, savouring expertly prepared pastries, desserts or cakes? If you want something for your sweet tooth but you don’t feel in the mood for a large slice of cake, they make authentic macarons with a crunchy exterior that breaks delicately as you sink your teeth into its spongy soft interior. Our mouths are watering, just thinking of it.

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Château Gâteaux Pâtisserie

This is a cake lover’s paradise. Château Gâteaux Pâtisserie is home to a wide range of delectable desserts. They even serve mini cakes so you can get a sugar kick without overdoing it or you can eat three different cakes in one sitting — the choice is yours! You can also walk away with a whole cake (and pretend you baked it yourself, if you like). The Caramel Velvet Torte and the Fudge Picasso are so decadent that we might require the forgiveness of our future selves. We won’t apologise, though, because life’s too short to forego these pleasures.

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The Patisserie

At The Patisserie, you will find some of the best cheesecake in town. Don’t get me wrong, their other cakes are pretty fantastic, but their cheesecake really stands out. Pull up a chair and get ready to indulge. Also, ’tis the season, so we thought we’d drop a reminder that they make a beautiful festive Christmas cake! Step into this pink and white paradise and experience a candy-coloured world.

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Life Grand Café

While Life Grand Café is known for salads and savoury foods, their cakes are simply outstanding. Chances are, if you sit down for a meal, you won’t be able to leave without sampling one of their treats — they really get to you, in that display window, looking all delicious and screaming “Eat me!” If you don’t have room for a slice after your delicious tapas meal or pasta, take one home — you’ll thank yourself later (if you don’t end up eating it in the car!). Experience Life Grand Café at Waterfall Corner, Midrand.

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When you walk into Glenda’s, you enter a garden of floral delight — the woman behind the restaurant, Glenda, adorns the place with fresh, seasonal flowers. With such individual flair, you recognise the heart of someone who has turned an eatery into a home. Glenda creates seasonal menus and just as her menus change, so do the cakes and pastries on display. Try one of her superb petit fours with a cappuccino and you will be back for more. It’s the perfect spot to have a catch-up with friends.

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Walnut Grove

Every time we walk past Walnut Grove in Sandton, we slow down and stare. Their cake display is so distracting, how are we expected to shop under such conditions? They are just so big and boasting in their magnificence. The cake that really catches our eye is the rainbow one. It’s so beautiful that you almost don’t want to take a bite out of it. Well, almost. Just try a slice for yourself and you’ll soon understand what we’re going on about.

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Vovo Telo

Vovo Telo’s cakes always seem to call our name. If you’ve been to this bakery, we have no doubt that you feel the same way. Take a seat in the leafy courtyard at 44 Stanley or sit inside the trendy restaurant, decorated with eclectic flair, and take your pick from their delicious options. We love to order the soft and rich red velvet cake (or one of their famous tarts). Try it — you will be in heavenly silence.

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Belle’s Patisserie

Cakes become art at Belle’s Patisserie. With their expertise in catering for corporate functions and weddings, you can be assured that their cakes are the highest quality — in taste and appearance! Go in and be tempted by their Ferrero Rocher Cake. Yes, you read that correctly. Or try one of their delicious cupcakes. They cater for an indulgent high tea, so make a reservation if you have a birthday or any other occasion coming up.

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Where is your favourite cake spot? Let us know below!

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3 thoughts on “Where To Have Your Cake And Eat It In Joburg

  1. The Belle’s Patisserie Rainbow cake texture is amazing and the Tashas carrot cake is simply superb! #FirmFavourites

  2. Cups and Cakes, Randburg is amazing for designer and novelty cakes too! Just not sold by the slice.

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