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Getting Creative With Your Palate At Cafe Billi Bi

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Nothing quite like having an amazing meal that introduces you to a new taste and dessert to just hug you all over. Check out Cafe Billi Bi!

If you have quite the healthy appetite, why not swing by the East side of Joburg for a generous meal, visit is Cafe Billi Bi situated at the Stoneridge Shopping Centre.

Cafe Billi Bi Johannesburg

It's A Creative Play On The Palate

They have a very unique way of plating and presentation, not only this but they also add so much character to food with their unexpected twists and combinations. It's lovely for a person who wants to explore or just maybe go for something different.

It's all great to eat with your eyes, but pointless if the taste does not match the look. However, Cafe Billi Bi is about that and more, awakening your senses on a different level. One thing that will probably stand out for you is the way that they use colour to appetise you and get that mouth watering is refreshing.

Cafe Billi Bi Johannesburg

The food is great and so is the menu, very generous, maybe super generous for a person who might want to take everything home. They take you on an adventure in taste and variety. They take unexpected to another level, this including their particular sandwich - the Meatball Sandwich with homemade thick tomato sauce topped with melted bocconcini mozzarella and fresh basil on a ciabatta roll. Sounds groovy right?

Their options range from full breakfast to light, lunches that include amazing pasta dishes. They have every drink you can probably think of. Did I mention cake? and more cake?

Cafe Billi Bi Johannesburg


Cafe Billi Bi prides themselves with their attention to detail service to make your experience with them a memorable one. To be quite honest, the best thing to finish of any meal is good service.

To add on to the greatness, their vibrant restaurant, usage of colour and decor is enough to awaken anyone's appetite. As soon as you step in, you walk into this bright and refreshing atmosphere. It's like walking into a movie and the cast has been told to be excited, the ambience is really motivating.

The chef, Clifford Correia is also the owner of this lovely place, with +- 20 years in the industry, he has managed to take average, traditional and add an innovative twist to make something remarkable and with staying power to keep you wanting more.

May I just add that the coffee is a stand out from the many stand outs, it's no surprise that they say that they take their coffee seriously. When you sip on their coffee, you will understand.

Cafe Billi Bi Johannesburg

This Magical Brew

Cafe Billi Bi is proud of the coffee, brew and you can only understand this when you have the direct experience of smelling and tasting it.

They use a coffee blend called the Mokador coffee, which only has premium coffees with a rich history behind it. This coffee has been around for years and still manages to make stellar quality with familiar blend, Arabica and Robusta.

This non-conventional cafe is a must visit, make sure that you add it to your experience list. A meal here is no ordinary thing.

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