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Shopping for presents can be quite a difficult task. When it comes to getting gifts for girls, we thought we'd help you out ... the best part is that you don't even have to leave the couch! Check out our list of best online stores when it comes to buying presents for women.


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Make the festive season easy on yourself this year and buy all your presents online. Gone are the days where you’re forced to trudge through busy shopping malls!

Last week I put together a list of cool presents to buy for the man in your life and all through local online shops. The idea is that people are tired of desperately looking through endless mounds of the same old junk at malls when you could be getting one unique and well thought out gift and without any of the stress. So this week I’ve decided to help the men out and list a bunch of cool stuff for ladies at some of our best (and most trusted) online shops. You can thank me later (or buy me a beer).

Moving With The Times Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive – Fashion Watches!

I’m a massive horology fan (the study of time, nothing to do with horror movies). I love the way a watch can change an outfit in the most subtle way and yet say so much about you. The irony, though, is that I barely own any expensive watches. There are two very distinct styles of watches: masterpieces and fashion watches. Sure – neither of these are scientific terms but you get the point. One is purchased to be passed on through generations and never lose its appeal (masterpieces) while the majority of watches are built to follow a current trend and can be disposed of in a year or so when it’s just not cool anymore.

Fashion watches are great because they are cheap, keep the wearer on trend and make for the perfect gift at the start of a new season.

The Boyfriend (Chunky Watch)
Nothing is more trendy than a chunky watch on a lady right now. Gone are the days when ladies were restricted to tiny 30mm dials and skinny straps! This style was brought about by the upsurge in Rolexes and Audemars in popular culture and I’m not complaining! This chunky ‘boyfriend’ watch is a perfect example of this look and you can buy it from local store Spree by clicking here.
Cost: R349.00

Vintage Watches
Another big look on the watch scene for the ladies right now is the vintage watch. These tend to go against everything the boyfriend watch stands for, but not every woman out there likes the bold statement that a bigger watch offers. Vintage watches are smaller in terms of the dial size and strap diameter but give an air of sophistication which bigger watches just don't. They tend to go great with a more earth toned or ‘arty’ (for lack of a better word) wardrobe but another advantage is that they tend to look just as good on a skinny wrist as they do on a larger wrist. Chunky watches don’t always work too well with larger wrists.

These vintage watches from Spree offer the classic vintage look but with a modern feel to the dial which I think any lady would appreciate. Click here to buy one.
Cost: R149.00


Couple's Pamper Day – Choose From ANY Spa Voucher!

Guys, listen up! This is a great present for the lady in your life because not only does it guarantee relaxation but you get to join in too! A couple's pamper day is a great way to not only buy a gift for your loved one but also to spend time with her, which some might argue is even more important. is a fantastic website which not only curates all the best spas in South Africa but also handles bookings and even sells vouchers for every one of them. The beauty behind this is that you can first locate a spa close to you (or where you plan on going on holiday) and then book the voucher too. Click here to read more about their voucher service or to buy.
Cost: Prices vary.


Local Looks This Summer – Luli Pulani Handmade Shoes

Supporting local designers and producers is the theme this year. I’ve always loved supporting locals but I think we can all admit that we’ve had that moment where we just can’t find the item we’re looking for from a local producer and so have been forced to go with the foreign brand. This, however, is the opposite when it comes to local shoe designer, Luli Pulani.

Luli Pulani is proudly designed and produced here in South Africa by South Africans but the fact that they are made locally wouldn’t be enough to sell shoes alone; these pumps, sandals and brogues are, bar none, the most stunning shoes I’ve seen being produced locally or internationally. This humble producer has featured at SA Fashion Week and trust me when I say that this brand will be travelling the globe in the near future. Style forward fabrics, classic cuts with modern twists and never-seen-before colour choices are the order of the day here and it won’t take you long to convert to a true believer.

You can visit their Facebook page by clicking here but you can also email owner Lara for the latest catalogue and price list.
Cost: Prices vary.


Some Gifts Are Classics For A Reason – French Perfumes Online

Coco Channel once said, “A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.” I think she may have been a little melodramatic or possibly hadn’t had her coffee that day but you get the point. I prefer Christian Dior’s more gentle, “A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting” because I can 100% relate to that. I wear Sculpture and Bvalgari and my wife once told me how she sometimes sprays my cologne in the bed when I’m away because it bears such a strong emotional connection. I feel the same way about her perfume although she’d kill me if I said which one she wears!

A good perfume is priceless but I’ve found a local online store where you find the biggest selection of quality perfumes at the best price. Trust me, I’ve looked. Click here to visit My Perfume Shop. You won’t be disappointed.
Cost: Prices vary.


Handmade Summer Sensations – Krups Ice Cream Maker

It goes without saying that gourmet, organic and homemade foods are all the rage at the moment. People are tired of the same old mass produced rubbish but they’re also looking to create something of their own. We saw this same phenomenon with the craft beer industry and now I’ve finally found something the ladies can also get behind!

Meet the Krup Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker. This little guy can make ice cream or sorbet within 24 hours and costs FAR less than you could possibly imagine. Click here to buy one of these beauties from local and trusted online store, Yuppie Chef.
Cost: R789.00


Memories Where it Counts
This could quite possibly be the coolest gift – ever! will take any design or picture you have and print it on your phone cover. It’s terribly simple but sometimes the simple stuff is the most mind blowing. Just think of the options: you could print a picture of you and your partner onto her phone cover or even a picture of the kids or grandchildren. How about printing a great wedding picture for newlyweds, or a cityscape for a friend that’s immigrating? The options are literally endless!

Click here to order your one-of-a-kind phone cover and don’t stress if you’re not technically inclined, they will help you through that side of it to get you the best possible result.
Cost: Prices vary.


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