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Explore Lory Park Animal & Owl Sanctuary

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Lory Park Animal & Owl Sanctuary is no ordinary zoo. This "boutique" animal conservation centre is all about educating people about animals and preserving all kinds of animal life for us to enjoy. Bring the kids along to Lory Park Animal & Owl Sanctuary for unique and exciting animal encounters. It's a must for animal lovers of all ages! 

Lory Park Animal & Owl Sanctuary opened its doors in 2000. Over the past two decades, this animal conservation centre and zoo has become known as one of the best in the city. Lory Park Animal & Owl Sanctuary's main goal is to educate the public about animals and promote conservation efforts in and around the Midrand area. If your little one has a keen interest in animals, bring them here to experience a zoo encounter unlike any other. Here are just some of the experiences and activities available at the Lory Park Animal & Owl Sanctuary:

It's All About Conservation

Lory Park Animal & Owl Sanctuary was originally a bird park. Inspired by his travels in Europe, founder Eddy Van Eck, wanted to create a safe haven for the community and an educational environment for children. At the time, Midrand was largely under developed and was home to a variety of owl and bird species. With the boom in property and retail development in the area, these animal species suffered massive habitat loss. That's where Lory Park found its true calling for conservation, rehabilitation and breeding of endangered species. The zoo welcomed in wildlife of all kinds, making it one of the top animal attractions in the city. Today, Lory Park Animal & Owl Sanctuary is a well known family-friendly venue, offering both children and adults the opportunity to interact with their favourite animals.

Animal Encounters

Come and visit Lory Park's magnificent array of mammals, birds and reptiles. The zoo is continually expanding due to its breeding programmes and conservation initiatives. The newest member of their family is a female Siberian tiger named Kiska. She is the last tiger cub to be bred at the zoo, so make sure to stop by and say hello. Lory Park also offers up close encounters with their owls and reptiles for children and adults. If you pay them a visit on a weekend, be sure to book yourself an encounter. The zoo believes that these encounters lead to important educational moments and memories that will last a lifetime. These encounters also help fund the park's conservation efforts and are an excellent way to give back. Show your support by booking an encounter for you and the family as soon as possible.

Lory Park Animal

School & Holiday Programmes

Lory Park Animal & Owl Sanctuary is first and foremost an education centre. They run their school and holiday programmes with passion and dedication, providing the most informative and insightful tours as possible. You can book a guided or non-guided tour for your school class or as a family outing. The guided tour includes information on each animal's habitat, diet, conservation status and interesting facts. The tour also includes close up animal encounters with lion or tiger cubs, reptiles, or owls, depending on the animal's feeding schedule and the weather conditions. The tour concludes with a question and answer session, allowing the kids to ask questions about their favourite animals or any new animals they've learned about on the tour. Lory Park also offers guided tours for adults. If you've always wanted to learn more about birds, reptiles or wild cats, book yourself a tour as soon as possible.

You can find about more about Lory Park's school tours and holiday programmes here. 

For More Information

Visit for more information about the zoo's available activities, entrance costs and opening times. You can also follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest events and new arrivals.

Details: 180/1 Kruger Road, President Park, Midrand, Gauteng | (Tel) +27 11 315 7307 | Email: [email protected] \ [email protected]


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