Breaking: R2.5 Billion Jackpot Announced For Next EuroMillions Superdraw!

The next EuroMillions Superdraw will take place on Friday, 25 September 2020, and offers a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €130 million (approximately R2 579 936 802). This will be the third Superdraw to take place in 2020.

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The EuroMillions is a European-based lottery with drawings held twice a week on Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 SAST. Fixed payouts are awarded for 13 different winning combinations except for the jackpot, which depends on the number of tickets sold with a minimum amount of €17 million (approximately R338 128 338). The amount rolls over to the next drawing if no jackpot is won to create an even larger jackpot up to a maximum amount of €250 million (approximately R4 972 475 560).

The EuroMillions underwent big changes in February 2020 related to the game’s prize structure. The jackpot cap increased from €190 million (approximately R3 779 081 425) to €200 million (approximately R3 963 118 000) and more money is given to the top prize in every draw. The amount of Superdraws will also increase from the usual two times per year to three times per year.

The Superdraws are planned once there is enough money in the EuroMillions reserve fund. The fund receives 10% of the common prize fund up until a total of five draws and then 18% in every drawing after that until the jackpot is won.

Historical SuperDraws Payouts

The table below shows the previous Superdraw Jackpots and the date when they were drawn.

Date Final Jackpot (€)Final Jackpot (R)
7/7/2020€144 mR2,864,145,922
7/2/2020€130 mR2,585,687,291
11/6/2019€138.7 mR2,758,729,440
19/2/2019€175.4 mR3,488,688,852
21/9/2018€162 mR3,222,164,162
20/4/2018€138.7 mR2,758,729,440
15/9/2017€190 mR3,779,081,425
30/6/2017€100 mR1,988,990,224
30/9/2016€168 mR3,341,503,576
6/11/2015€163 mR3,242,054,065
5/6/2015€129 mR2,565,797,388
6/3/2015€100 mR1,988,990,224
3/10/2014€190 mR3,779,081,425
6/6/2014 *€137 mR2,724,916,606
7/3/2014€129 mR2,565,797,388
15/11/2013€100 mR1,988,990,224
7/6/2013€187 mR3,719,411,718
22/3/2013€132 mR2,625,467,095
28/9/2012€100 mR1,988,990,224
4/10/2011€117 mR2,327,118,562
10/5/2011€121 mR2,406,678,171
1/10/2010€129 mR2,565,797,388
5/2/2010€129 mR2,565,797,388
18/9/2009€100 mR1,988,990,224
6/3/2009€100 mR1,988,990,224
9/2/2007€100 mR1,988,990,224

There will now be a third draw this year on Friday, 25 September 2020. The previous two draws were held on the 07 February 2020 and 03 July 2020. The EuroMillions winning numbers for the February draw were 9, 15, 17, 25,40, 3, 9 and the winning numbers for the July draw were 12, 16, 23, 33, 41, 8, 10.

The one lucky ticket holder in Spain won the entire amount in February, it was the first time in three years the jackpot didn’t rollover to the following draw. As for the UK EuroMillions, a lucky player won an amount of €191 276 659 for the October 2019 draw. This was the UK’s biggest ever winner.

No other changes have been announced by the National lottery. More Superdraws will take place and thus creates even bigger jackpots to be won. Many players are excited and trying their luck for the last Superdraw for this year.

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