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Diary Of A Food Hopper: From Breakfast To Lunch

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There is nothing quite like a good food hop so I had to share some cool spots to get you from breakfast through to lunch, these spots are definitely a must visit! Breakfast to Lunch

If you want anyone to feel loved, feed them. It's quite simple, I personally love eating and a good food hop is enough for me. Today, we're going through a breakfast to lunch journey and will check out the gems that Joburg has to offer.

What is a food hop? Well! It's all in the words, food hopping is basically travelling from place to place exploring the different cuisines and varieties that restaurants, markets, cafes (the list is endless) have to offer. It can be quite fun because not only do you get to enjoy a bursting variety of eats, but you also get to try something new and see different places.

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal...They Said

Being part of the instant generation, it can be easy to resort to cereal or porridge but sometimes you don't mean to but you just end up not having breakfast.

In all honesty - everyone would secretly love to have their own chef who can make them full meals. Unfortunately! Not everyone has that luxury, which is why going out to eat can be an idea sent from the heavens and music to ones ears.

We all have our preferences, let's take a look at this amazing hidden gem in Craighall Park...

Breakfast to Lunch

Dolci Cafe 

The breakfast menu at Dolci Cafe is bigger than some restaurant menu's combined, the diversity in their offering is very satisfying.

Brekki ranging from Banting, breakfast breads, standard full breakfasts, mouthwatering pancakes with cream cheese and salmon 🤤. Need I say more! I actually wouldn't blame you if you wanted to have breakfast for lunch or even dinner.

The perk about eating at Dolci; is that you can buy some amazing artisan foods to go and the pastry goodies... these you have to see for yourself. The cafe really shines light in Craighall.

Snack Attack...

Snacks don't always have to be cut and dry, and lacking in creativity. The best snack you can get that does not require ample admin in between...my favourite S word - Smoothie.

Situated in one of the groovy Joburg areas, Greenside. Let's get conscious...

Breakfast to Lunch

Conscious 108

Conscious 108, a plant based restaurant has introduced Greenside to a different level of creative, bringing food we know to a different taste both to the eye and mouth.

They have a few smoothies, however they are all great and include an eye raising ingredient that makes for an amazing beverage. Unexpected flavour and mouth bursting freshness, every food hoppers dream. Definitely a spot to try!

Munch That Lunch...

Normally, by lunch time I have contemplated on the idea of making my colleagues my lunch (My hunger moves to hanger at the whiff of wind blowing) therefore, I make it my mission to feed myself before people disappear.

Breakfast to Lunch


If you want to talk good burger, BGR is all you need in your food hop life. Situated at the Rosebank hot spot, Keyes Art Mile.

You get to choose what goes into your burger - if that's not freedom choice, I don't know what is. Their patty is as succulent as juicy can be and the fries are not for one with an addictive personality. Just a side note that's worth knowing; their drinks are bottomless.

Perk: you also get to enjoy viewing some of the best art in the country.

Joburgers, food is life!

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