Bread Spots That Will Have You All Buttered Up

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Don't be that crusty person eating dry bread, indulge your taste buds with mouthwatering bread from the hot spots in the city. Quality over quantity honey!!!

Black Forest Bakery 

And no, they don't just sell Black Forest cakes. This bread spot is worth more to the average foodie than a bag of chips. Black Forest Bakery boasts mouthwatering, freshly baked bread that would make anyone weak at the knees. This gem is situated in one of the trendiest precincts of Joburg, Braamfontein's infamous Juta Street and they have another store in Sandton. They are known for their amazing bakery goods. Imagine this; swiping freshly baked bread to scoop up that last bit of a tasty oxtail stew. Swing by Black Forest Bakery to tickle your taste buds. Drools, Drools, Drools!!!

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Patachou Patisserie

Saying that name must have made you feel like quite the French connoisseur right? Visit the Patachou Patisserie and go on a journey of fresh bakery goods, as their bread is to die for. In SA, the potjie is one of our signature dishes, so trust me when I say that adding the bread at Patachou to your meal will bring you the best combination of both worlds. Now that I've planted that scintillating idea in your mind - I can also tell you that; this spot also have delicious sweet little nibbles. Visit them to experience a touch of France!

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Babette's Bread 

Let me tell you a little story... once upon a time in a world filled with flour lived a Law graduate who became obsessed with baking bread. All the butter, yeast and mixing through the dough took her to a place called the US of A to explore what she loved under the guidance of a French baker. She grew up to become a bread artist, and her name was Barbette. She came back to Johannesburg and opened her own world of scrumptiousness, which is one of the bread spots that we have fallen in love with. Babette's Bread has one of the best breads we have tasted and her sourdough bread will have you saying feta, rocket and sun dried tomatoes.

Junipa's Bistro

Want to talk artisan, well Junipa's Bistro is thee bread spot you must visit. Situated in the ever so modern burbs of Bryanston, the atmosphere is absolutely great. This spot also has freshly brewed coffee to compliment their oh so yummy freshly baked breads that will have you eating out of the palm of Junipa's (pun definitely intended). Whether you want bread to go or to sit down at the bistro, you surely won't be disappointed. I'm quite the matchmaker so I'd pair their goodies with a good pulled chicken and cheese.


If anything, I think we have established that Fournos is one of the franchises that actually make some of the best breads around. They have tons of tummy hugging fresh bakes that will have you warm inside and filled with nostalgic thoughts. Believe me when I say, you will be spoiled for choice - just don't buy the whole shop unless the plan is to get a franchise. The passion they have for baking and serving good food shines through, you cannot deny yourself of such goodness.

What a mouthful? Literally...last words. Bread, Butter (not margarine), chicken, cucumber and mayo! That is my weakness. Do you know of any other awesome bread spots in the city? Let us know about them! 

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