It’s A Magical, Beautiful Botanical World In Jozi

Joburg hides some of the most beautiful and earthy environments around. These wonderful treasures will leave you inspired…

Botanical Garden

I’ve always wanted to have a house with a ginormous tree in my secret garden; where I could sit and enjoy my assortment of teas and read a good romantic novel. I share this because it came to me like an epiphany when I first paid a visit to these breathtaking botanicals that are somewhat the reality of what I had envisioned (well! at least at a smaller scale).

Today, we take a detour to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden and the Johannesburg Botanical Garden. Jozi‘s most beautiful spots to visit with the family or a romantic picnic or just peaceful surrounding or anything really. I think you get the picture.

Botanical Garden

Photo by Shane Wilken

Walter Sisulu Botanical

Having given it the nickname “Eden”, you can only imagine the beauty that this botanical bestows upon our fellow South African’s and tourists.

Situated in the Wild West of Joburg, this amazing garden sits in Roodepoort, and is definitely worth visiting. You will feel like you are outside Joburg, it is like a world of its own – so you are left without excuse but to feel revitalised.

Botanical Garden

Those who are regulars will tell you about the amazing events that take place at Walter Sisulu Botanical; this includes a super awesome night market with amazing stalls and food to explore. It has ample potential than being boxed into being an average garden, also boasting with a super waterfall about 70 metres high and surrounded by beautiful greens here and there.

There is a lot to do besides having a picnic, the garden is diverse with trail walk areas, restaurant, bird and butterfly gardens and more.

Things to look forward to:

  • Black Eagle viewing
  • Waterfall looking
  • Wild Flower walks

Botanical Garden

Johannesburg Botanical Garden

Better known to Joburgers as Emmarentia, this amazing Botanical hides its awesomeness really well until you get there and are knocked out by its beauty.

Tons of families flock to this spot on weekends, and some as far as Soweto come here to enjoy time out during the public holidays. This garden attracts many who want to see its beauty that has traveled into the mouths of many who can’t stop talking about it.

Botanical Garden

This does not surprise us at all because the botanical is filled with diversity from a Chapel Garden (known as one of the cheapest wedding venues around) to the Shakespearean Garden that is filled with awesome herbs such lavender, marjoram, chamomile and mint. Not only that but this spot also boasts with a rose garden filled with over 10 000 roses.

One of my favourites has to be the Library, the library has well over a 1 000 books.

Which botanical to choose?

I say, both – these awesome botanical gardens offer something unique to its own and well! what’s the worst that can happen? You get to see double the beauty.

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