Bootlegger Coffee Company At Ferndale On Republic

Explore the unique touches, good food and quality brew that Bootlegger Coffee Company at Ferndale On Republic has to offer!

Bootlegger Coffee Company

Johannesburg is a city with a deep love for good food and great coffee. If there’s one place that brings this together, it has to be Bootlegger Coffee Company.

Born and bred in Cape Town, Bootlegger Coffee Company has landed in Ferndale, to our great delight.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

Coffee Connoisseurs

Their beans, sourced from Guatemala and Costa Rica, are freshly roasted to perfection each and every day.

Their cups are filled with potent and delicious concoctions with a vibrant caffeine kick.

Coffee Culture

Bootlegger should definitely be next on your list of coffee spots to explore, they offer more than just coffee. They also serve a variety of delicious treats that will fill your tummy.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

The Food

You won’t leave Bootlegger feeling hungry. Their generous menu allows you to experience new flavours. Using the best ingredients, they serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Feel free to pop in anytime for a tasty treat.

They offer tasty and heartwarming gourmet meals, vegetarian options and light meals to delight all.

And, to boot, they also have freshly baked confections for you to try, which pair perfectly with their tantalising premium coffee.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

The Decor

From the moment you enter Bootlegger, you’ll be captivated by the delicious aromas. The simplistic decor and gold nuances blend perfectly with the rich coffee notes.

Patrons have the choice of inside and outside seating, each with their own vibe.

If you are looking for a great vibe, yummy food and the ultimate java, Bootlegger is your next stop.

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