Black Jam 2017 Was A Hit With Kaizen Parkour

Parkour in Johannesburg is alive and well. Check out Kaizen Parkour’s latest video, shot at the Black Jam 2017. 


For quite some time now we’ve been friends with the Kaizen Parkour group who can be seen jumping and running around the inner city of Jozi. They just dropped their latest video of an event the crew organised at WITS a couple of weeks ago. Click the box below and support them with a like, comment and subscribe.

The cool thing about Kaizen Parkour is that they do a lot of work for the parkour community in Jozi. From organising events such as the Black Jam to getting more people involved, these guys are hustling hard to keep parkour in Jozi going.

Black Jam is all about friendly competition between partakers of parkour in Johannesburg. It is a great way of getting the community involved and growing the scene within the country.

by Shawn Greyling

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