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Beauty For Your Nails Begins With Bio Sculpture

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Manicure, Pedicure, and I've got the cure to those chipped nails honey! Take a look at what Bio Sculpture has in store for you! Bio Sculpture

Amazing nails have become one of the most sought after trends in the country in the recent years, ladies are finding more and more reason to be able to create trendy, artistic, creative and unique nails for that stand out effect. We've got the answer to all those chipped nails, nail bites and busted cuticles - Bio Sculpture.

If you are looking for something different, nail paints like matte & gloss colours, nail art, exaggerated 3D and just basic nail care to keep your nails healthy, they have everything you need. This includes their super cool gel range; which is proudly animal cruelty free and vegan, yep! You heard right, vegan.

Bio Sculpture

Bio sculpture has managed to create something that is unique and different providing all that the ladies are looking for when it comes to nail products and nail care. They have a very strong and good quality products that ladies are really in love with.

Why Bio Sculpture Is The Bomb Dot Com?

Bio sculpture is all about nail care and health, and have offer nail ranges that really encourage one to use their products and know that the quality in none like any other.

Their main range includes Bio gel, Evo2, Ethos and Gemini. What makes these different is the question?

Bio Sculpture

Bio Gel

This is vouched for by nail technicians from around the world, and it's no surprise why - their product are free of all the unhealthy stuff that eat off your nails, it's long lasting and vegan. I mean, that caters for all women (and men) really. With over 170 colours to choose from, what more can we ask for.


This is their oxygenating gel that really allows for good quality overlay, and also 100% compatible with their Bio Gel, with vitamins A and E - which is essential to keeping your nails cared for and healthy. The Evo2 has a high gloss effect, so if pop is your thing. This is the collection to go for.


Ethos is all about natural nail care, so if extensions perhaps even colour is not necessarily your thing then this is the range to go for. This one focuses on nurturing your nails and giving it all the nutrients it need. This includes vitamin dose, seaweed calcium base and almond oil which is a life saver for the cuticles - I promise your nails will love you. That is not all they have so do check their stuff out.

Bio Sculpture

Treats And Bits

As much as we love to have nails that look absolutely marvelous, the nail care and maintenance is also important, which brings us to the the nail health and treatment range.

They have everything that you can think to make sure that your nails and hands are given some love. Their treatment pens are the easiest thing to use, not only do they have that but they also have hand & cuticle creams. Did I mention the scrubs? This is definitely the scrub you need.

No reason to chew on nails anymore! LOL 

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