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Who doesn't love indulging in a Sweetie Pie? Or a creamy and sweet Dream Bear with a gooey caramel centre? We know we do. And we wouldn't have these delicious favourites if it wasn't for Beyers Chocolates. They've been around longer than you think. Read on to find out about their story.

How It All Began

Most 13-year-old boys would spend their weekends playing games on their XBox or hanging out with their friends, but not Kees Beyers. This young Belgian boy woke up at 04:30 every Saturday and Sunday morning and cycled to his neighbouring town to work part-time for a confectioner. His motivation: that one day, he was going to own a chocolate factory.

Kees Beyers, now a Master Chocolatier, established Beyers Chocolates in 1987, after travelling to South Africa, falling in love with the country and deciding to make it his home. He identified a gap in the local market for high quality, affordable chocolate and so he realised his dream of starting a chocolate factory.

Beyers Chocolates

Beyers is a privately owned, family-run business that is today the largest independent manufacturer of boxed chocolates in the country. The company found success developing chocolate ranges under private labels and sub-brands that it supplied to local markets and exported to the UK, America and Australia. It also supplied airlines, the hospitality industry and some of the country’s leading retailers with quality, handcrafted, proudly local products.

Beyers Chocolates

Where Would You Have Seen Beyers Chocolates?

Beyers produces some of the country’s favourite chocolates, including Sweetie Pie, Dream Bears and the Amarula chocolate range. Eight years ago, Beyers made the decision to focus on producing its own brand of chocolate to support their private label business. The company acquired two new brands – Coach House (2015) and Yottis Turkish Delight (2016) as part of its expansion strategy. Its ultimate goal is to provide retailers with a complete solution of confectionery goods.

Beyers Chocolates

For More Information

For more information, check out Beyers Chocolates or call 011 394 6892. 

Also, check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Beyre



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15 comments on “Beyers Chocolates”

  1. Just love the taste of the rich chocolate especially the dark chocolate when you drink it with a glass of red wine too

  2. I am a totally addict when it come to chocolate. My best time to enjoy chocolate is late at night with a good movie, ice cold milk and a BIG slab.

  3. There is nothing better than homemade super smooth Beyers Chocolates, they have an amazing array of luxury flavours, just close your eyes and travel to the Swiss Alps on a creamy chocolate dream. I love Beyers Chocolates my best is the crunch when you bite into the creamy fluffy mallow of a Sweetie Pie.

  4. My Daughter and I love Sweetie Pies and the Amarula Chocolates is one of my favourites, especially when I have it with Amarula Liquer! Needless to say, I always add something sweet in my Childrens' Xmas Stockings, and what better than Beyers Chocolates.

  5. My mother, who lives with me as she is an old age pensioner is a complete chocolate addict. Between her and my children they argue who will get the last chocolate in the house....more especially when I have bought Sweetie Pies.
    There is nothing like a Sweetie Pie to bring a big grin to an old ladies face.

  6. My Granddaughter and kids love the Sweetie Pie it's delicious and I can see a twinkle in there eyes everytime. Oh so delicious. The Amarula Chocolate is like Heaven to my lips I keep my little stash in my room at night me and my hubby enjoys our share of delights

  7. Beyer is quality chocolate which cannot be compromised my children and family love all their ranges. We send them as gifts to our friends and family around the world and everyone had raved about it

  8. My kids and I love the Dream Bears and we start munching it from the toes upwards to make the dreamy feeling last....

    1. I've just had my first Expresso Coffee milk chocolate slab. I think I'm addicted already and cant wait for the morning to try the other flavors.....What quality and flavour!

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