The Best Warm-Ups for Joggers

Limbering up the weapon before battle is always a good idea. Here is a simple to understand and easy to follow guide to warming up before a big jog…

Warming up runner on the road close up image
Warming up runner on the road close up image

The following warm-ups should be done in the order they are written in.

Dynamic Stretching

For quite some time now fitness professionals have discouraged the use of static stretches (where a muscle is held in an elongated position for a certain period of time) because it had been directly linked to cause injury. Since then dynamic stretching has been the top warm-up regiment for many athletes and joggers alike. Dynamic stretching makes use of the most used muscle groups by placing these into action. Examples of this would be lunges without any weights, tucking your knees into your chest when you walk and high kicks.


Don’t go flying off the bat and shoot straight into a fully fledged jog – you’ll end up with shin splints in a matter of moments. Start off with a brisk five minute walk to get your muscles into motion and your body ready for action mode.


Don’t let the name put you off. Butt kicks are the best way to loosen those calves and get the blood pumping. While walking kick your legs back to your glutes. Do this for about 50 meters before you attack the tarmac with your run.

Backwards Jogging

Sometimes popping the old drive train into reverse will get the muscles thinking before they start acting. Jog backwards for 50 meters to end of a warm-up round to your best run yet…

By Shawn Greyling

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