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The Best Vegan Cheese

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What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror? Halloumi! Ok, that joke was cheesy. But, then again, so is this article. We found out where we can get some of the tastiest and creamiest vegan cheeses. Because life is simply not right without cheese. Or at least, that's what cheese said.  Vegan Cheese


Woolworths has recently released a plant-based range worth raving about. This range includes milk, sausages, cold cuts, burgers, biltong, pre-cooked meals and a wide variety of cheese. Their cheeses are dairy- and soy-free and are made out of coconut oil. They are available in cheese spread, cheese slices and cheddar flavoured cheese, among others. These are so delicious, you wouldn't even know they are vegan. Try it on a baked potato with some vegan sour cream and a dusting of finely chopped chives.

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Violife makes vegan cheese that is lactose, GMO, gluten, nut, soy, preservative and cholestrol free. They also happen to be one of the most budget-friendly vegan cheese options. And, they are the easiest to come by. They are available at Checkers, Dischem and many other retail outlets. Their cheese is like magic. While raw, it is firm and crumbly whereas melted, it is deliciously creamy. This cheese is best used for an overly gooey toasted cheese sandwich. Add some bacon, spiced chicken (vegan, of course) or some greens for more of a gourmet sarmie. Violife also has an online store where you can purchase their cheese or other products like vegan deli slices.

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Irene's Gourmet

Irene's Gourmet is one of the most popular brands of vegan cheese in the vegan community. Not only do they produce some of the finest vegan cheese, they also produce yoghurt, fermented vegetables, burger patties, pesto and butter. But, back to the cheese. These come in Meltme, Cheddar style, Gouda style, Mozzarella style, cheese spread and Parmesan style sprinkle. So grab one, or all, of the variations at your favourite Pick n Pay, Spar or Dischem and make a big pot of mac and cheese for the ultimate winter warmer meal.

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Fancy That

Fancy That is a creamery based in Pretoria. They produce some of the most delicious vegan cheese, butter and spreads, all available at Jackson's Real Food Market. They are made from nuts and are free of preservatives. Their cheese comes in various flavours, but the pepper one happens to be a favourite. Imagine a jalapeno stuffed with a mixture of vegan cream cheese, mustard and topped with this pepper cheese.

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This company is based in the Western Cape but they still supply many Joburgers with some of their favourite vegan cheeses through their various stockists. They differ from the other places on this list with the fact that they offer a more diverse range of cheese. These include Camembert and chevre, in every flavour from smoked to black truffle. What could be a better use for all these cheeses than a delictable cheese board, with crackers, crispy bread, olives, pestos and a glass of vegan wine?

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Nature and Moi

Nature and Moi is a French cheese company and this list would not be complete without it. This is because it is a favourite among Joburg vegans. They manufacture grated cheese and cheese slices among others, available at Checkers. Arguably, the best way to serve this cheese is on a quesadilla. Your favourite flavour cheese, spring onion, fresh tomatoes and roasted vegetables sandwiched between two tortillas and served with a dollop of guacamole, yum!

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What is your favourite brand of vegan cheese? Let us know in the comments section below!

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