Best Gourmet Coffee in Joburg

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Coffee — magic in a glass. Imagine getting up in the morning, driving through peak traffic for over an hour, sitting through endless meetings with your grouchy boss, having to meet impossible deadlines, driving back home in even more traffic, only to get home... to a burst geyser... while your mother in-law is staying over. It seems impossible to get through with any sanity remaining. Luckily, we have a magic elixir to keep our last bits of sanity from ebbing away. And to make this elixir even better, it tastes good too! In fact, this magic drink, otherwise known as coffee, can be as comforting as a decadent dessert. For the sake of your sanity, we have compiled a list of the best Gourmet Coffees in Joburg. gourmet coffee

Fego Caffé

Fego Caffé is a cosy little café that has several locations in Joburg. All the branches we have been to leave us feeling warm and snug. The little café boasts a hearty feeling of home with "warmth in every cup". Their menu comprises simple, yet delicious, savoury items with a wide variety of cakes and other baked goods like muffins, croissants and even bread and butter pudding - comfort on a plate. Their coffee is simply delicious, whether it's a classic Americano or an over-the top Coconut Mocha Crunch, coconut hot chocolate, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and honeycomb chocolate. The main reason they made it to this list, however, is their yummy Hazelnut Latte, steamed milk, warm espresso, gooey chocolate hazelnut spread with a generous lashing of whipped cream.

Royal Coffee Roasters

Royal Coffee Roasters, previously named Beans About Coffee, is a gem of a coffee shop that just popped up in Edenvale's Stoneridge Shopping Centre one day. And they know their coffee! This charming café is decorated with converted coffee crates and littered with old coffee sacks to create a place that spells c-o-f-f-e-e. Royal Coffee Roasters sells a selection of specially roasted coffee beans from all over the world, as well as every coffee machine ever invented. This includes the Hario Coffee Syphon, which can only be described as a coffee chemistry apparatus. Their food is delicious, their staff friendly, the decor inviting and the coffee irresistible. Their Mocha is, without a doubt, the best we've have ever tasted. It is creamy, warm, chocolately and most importantly — coffeely (is that a word?). Unlike some other drinks, this Mocha tastes like both coffee and chocolate with just enough of each flavour to compliment the other.


Cramers Coffee

Cramers Coffee is an adorable coffee shop in Marshaltown, known for its welcoming ambiance, created by their delicate music selection, quirky decor and smiling staff. Located on a bustling street in Joburg CBD, Cramer's Coffee makes delicious bakes and cakes (the red velvet is definitely a must-try). They have many delicious drinks on their menu, including the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate and sinful Caramel Latte. But the reason we keep coming back is their Gingerbread Latte, deep and rich espresso, frothy seamed milk and a glorious shot of gingerbread syrup. This is the perfect treat for a chilly autumn morning.

Walnut Grove

This coffee shop is tucked away in Sandton City. But don't let the huge mall and all the people put you off. Once inside, you'll feel right at home. Walnut Grove is perhaps most famous for their lustrous cakes. And while we can't disagree with that, we always find ourselves in their comfy seating for their gourmet coffee. All their coffees are wonderfully rich and gorgeous but we are particularly partial to the Bar-one Cappuccino, a luscious and creamy cappuccino made from their house blend of 100% Arabica beans flavoured with one of Joburg's favourite chocolate bars. What's not to love?



Europa is a café that specializes in delicious Mediterranean fare, from mouth-watering Italian anti-pasti to delectable pastas and everything in between. They have an extensive range of breakfasts, light lunches and amazing desserts (caramel popcorn brownies, anyone?). However, any Italian restaurant should have two things: great coffee and great tiramisu. And Europa has both! They come to you in the form of the most amazing Tiramisu Latte. Just thinking about this is making me drool on my keyboard. Yes, it's that good!

State 5

Last, but certainly not least is State 5. This coffee shop in Greenside and Fourways specialises in cold brewed coffee, which gives the coffee a "refreshing, less acidic, more dark chocolatey" taste with the added benefit of even more caffeine in every magnificent cup of coffee. State 5 has a huge variety of flavoured coffee, from a regular Espresso to the unheard of Mouth Flip, featuring their cold brew coffee, vanilla syrup, cream and wait for it... soda water. They also have a few alcoholic options from the tempting Espresso Martini to the 'I have to try that' Bronx Bomber. This is a mixture of their cold brew coffee, gin, absinthe and vodka. Is that even legal? For those of you who don't mix caffeine and booze, the Caramilizer is a must: cold brewed coffee, salted caramel and milk chocolate. This is definitely yum in a glass.


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