The Best Antique Shops In Town


With the ever-increasing price of new furniture – and the horrible design of those that fit the wallet – more and more people are looking at antique shopping. Who could blame them, the quirky and the classic both hide in nostalgia. Here’s our guide to rustic shopping…

Junkie Charity Store

Charity stores often stock some of the best vintage item finds around town, and fortunately for us, Melville is stocked with these kinds of places. One that stands out is the Junkie Charity Store on 4th Avenue. To give you an idea of what is on sale here note the following: turn of the century furniture, quirky lampshades and hospital beds… pretty cool, eh? The vast array of items marked for sale is so big that you could call Junkie a department store.

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Modern Antiques

Greymont is the go-to place if you’re antiquing. On weekends, cars flank Long Road on both sides as people rush to get their hands on the finest old-school wares. One of the shops that stands out the most is Modern Antiques which specialises in collectors’ items and the restoration of old furniture.

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Hunters Rest Antiques

We’re staying in Greymont for now because there’s just so much to see. Hunters Rest Antiques is the candy store we’ve all been searching for. From rustic Coca-Cola signs to old-school petrol pumps, it’s all here. Welcome, you have arrived at the coolest place on earth, and it’s within driving distance from home – what a win. Hunters also specialise in artwork, jewellery, furniture and everything in between. Also, be sure to check out the coffee shop while you’re there.

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Nothing hurts quite as much as the vintage we didn’t buy. From loungy armchairs to tracksuit pants purchases, all the cash goes to a worthy cause. HospiceWits provides care and support to the communities within the Johannesburg Metropolitan District, primarily Johannesburg and Soweto. Be sure to check them out and maybe score some cool deals while helping someone in need.

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Bounty Hunters

This list will not be complete without mentioning the store with all those cats in Melville. Two storeys of yesterday’s treasures are waiting for you to be discover them among a mountain of kittens. Keep in mind that the money you spend here will be used to better the lives of feline friends all over town. The shop sells everything from hand-me-down clothes and stacks of books to random items such as wetsuits and dirty playing cards.

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Barter Buy Antiques & Interiors

Barter Buy is a wonderland of antiques and collectibles. This furniture refurbishment specialist store is housed within a two-storey former residential property in Kensington. The ground floor alone stretches on for what seems like at least half a kilometre. Barter Buy are experts in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian furniture restoration and stock a vast collection of antique utensils, decorative pieces and unique statement furnishings.

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Kensington Trading Antiques

Another Kensington antique store to check out is Kensington Trading Antiques. This is a vintage clothing and music lover’s paradise. Their vast array of vinyl collectibles alone makes visiting them well worth your while. For the ladies, there is an entire section of the store dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories, some of which date back decades. These unique fashion items are not only in fine condition, but are generally fairly priced. The store also stocks bespoke furniture, Art Deco light fixtures and retro gaming stations.

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On A Side Note

Other places to check out for that vintage antique hook up are all in a list we made just for you of all the thrift stores around town. Giving you all the best of the best, and you know us; we’ve always got you. You’ll find the greatest gems and amazing antique items. So, be sure to check out all of these amazing places here! You won’t regret it.

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