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BebedeParis South Africa Offers An Exciting Product Called Baby Friendly Companies

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Companies that are part of BebedeParis's Baby Friendly Companies program help their employees to balance their work and personal life when they decide to start a family.

About Baby Friendly Companies

The goal of Baby Friendly Companies are to provide peace of mind to employees at work when they have babies. Companies that use this program make their workers feel more comfortable and secure when they want to start a family.

Typical values a Baby Friendly Company has in their organisation is mainly to offer their employees reasonable work hours that allow them to balance their personal and professional life.

Not to discriminate against employees that want to start a family and the company supports their employees when they announce that they are expecting a baby.

BebedeParis has developed programs to assist companies by providing them with personal, exclusive and useful gifts and gift hampers when the pregnancy is announced, as well as at the time a new member of the family is born and even a welcome back gift when the parent returns back from maternity leave. These programs save the HR department time and money by taking the task of baby gifting of their hands and ensures that company gifting stays within budget.

Javier Ros, HR vice president of SEAT and long-time customer of BebedeParis says the following:

At SEAT, we take care of employees when they have a child. Among other things, we send them a personalised baby hamper to celebrate the birth of their child. We have conducted a survey to measure the impact it has had. Some of the results are as follows:

Commitment: 100% of employees feel more committed to their work, since they believe that the company takes care of them and their families at such important moments as the birth of a baby.

Satisfaction: 97% of respondents are satisfied with the gift and see it as useful.

Employer branding: 78% of employees became brand ambassadors for the company since they have commented on the special treatment by the company at such a special moment in their lives.

About BebedeParis

BebedeParis is the leading provider of baby gifts in South Africa and is trusted by companies such as BBD Software, Netstar, Ooba, Gulfstream, Blue Label, Consulta and many more. They also have an online shop for family and friends of new parents to choose a special gift to congratulate new parents on the arrival of a new member to the family.

For More Information

For more information and to read reviews on the professional service of BebedeParis, visit their website at www.bebedeparis.co.za or www.babyfriendlycompanies.co.za or call 012 004 1911.

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