Balkan Burger

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Balkan Burger has taken Johannesburg markets by storm and is probably the most popular meal to have when you at a market. You can find this family operated business in their unmistakable red, black and white bus. The Balkan Burger truck operates at several markets like Arts on Main, Neighbour Goods Market in Braamfontein and Fourways Farmer Market. The Balkan Burger is created using a “somun” bread (a soft, chewy flat bread) which is infused with a meat flavor. It is topped with a meat patty, a portion of vegetables and a traditional, red pepper- based sauce.

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One thought on “Balkan Burger

  1. best burger I have eaten. will ride far to experience this feast again. Should expand to Pretoria. You will make a killing there.
    Question. Where do we find your stall/s other than at the fourways farmers market.

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Balkan Burger is can be found at various markets around Jozi.

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