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Create magical moments with these authentic experiences around Joburg. Be part of something unforgettable. Authentic Experience Johannesburg

Let's Eat


SecretEATS is an awesome place for curious minds and spontaneous palates. This is an underground dinner experience for people who love good food.

SecretEATS is situated at unique venues that are as appetising as the food. They bring in the best chefs to make delicious delights and mouthwatering meals that awaken your senses.

How It Works:

Request An Invite

You'll need to fill out a form to be added to their secret list. You'll only learn who the other guests are once you're at the dinner.

Invitation Anticipation

Once you have completed the admin, you'll have to wait for an invite. When the event is at your city, you will receive an email invitation two weeks prior to the dinner. Since every event is different, ticket prices will vary. Once the invites are sent, you’ll have 72 hours to purchase tickets for you and up to four guests.

Watch For Details

On the morning of the event, SecretEATS will send you an email with the location and other details.

Find out more about SecretEATS here.

Authentic Experience Johannesburg

Let's Sip

Joburg Wine Club

The Joburg Wine Club offers some of the best premium wine for you to collect.

The club comprises of unforgettable experiences centred around tailor-made, curated wine from around the world.

Joburg Wine Club truly offers an authentic experience. It's not just about the wine, but the moments created during your wine journey.

Find out more about wine in Joburg here.

Authentic Experience Johannesburg

Let's Be Entertained

Sofar Sounds 

Sofar Sounds is a platform where extraordinary artists get a chance to perform and share their craft with their fans. These intimate showcases are held in unique venues and are kept secret until the day of the show.

The shows are planned in such a way that you get to be a part of the moment and enjoy an authentic experience filled with diversity and creativity.

How It Works:


In order to experience this amazing event, you'll need to apply on their website.

Get Invited

After you have applied, you may get lucky and win tickets to the event. If not, you are welcome to apply again.

Enjoy The Show

A day before the show, Sofar Sounds will email you the event details, such as the location. Then all you need to do is grab some friends and enjoy the show.

Authentic Experience Johannesburg

Photo by Flávio Charchar

Do you know of any other bucket worthy experiences in Joburg? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

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