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Best Asian Restaurants In Joburg

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In vogue. That'd be the best way to describe Asian - especially Chinese and Japanese - cuisine in Joburg right now. With that said, here's where to get your oriental grub on in Egoli. Asian Restaurants In Joburg

Are you looking for Asian Restaurants In Joburg? From Chinese to Japanese and everything in between, come with us on a journey through the Orient without stepping foot outside of the City Of Gold.

Fong Mei Restaurant

Do yourself a favour and visit Cyrildene. It's one of those Joburg cultural experiences that you simply need to tick off your bucket list sooner than later. Take your time and go through the entire area, and when you become hungry, head to Fong Mei restaurant, order the crispy beef and a Tsingtao, sit back and enjoy. This is real Chinese food made by a kitchen so under rated that the entire Joburg Culinary scene is oblivious to it. The prices are pretty, the service friendly, and the food authentic. There's no fog around the bay here, you get the real deal and that's the best way to start this list. The rest is all just cultural appropriation... just kidding... kind of. Besides, you can't write a 'Asian Restaurants In Joburg' article and not mention at least one hangout from the legendary Cyrildene.

Details: 18D Derrick Ave, Cyrildene, Johannesburg, 2198

So Yum

No neighbourhood in Joburg is complete without a fancy sitdown eatery fashioned after something out of Japan. So Yum is your one-stop crispy-beef-California-roll-sweet-corn-soup hook-up in Hydepark Corner. Their service is fast, their prices average and their meals tasty. All in all, they are more than just another Japanese takeout, which isn't a bad thing – especially when you're craving sweet and sour pork on a Friday night. So Yum has been voted as one of the best Asian restaurants in Joburg. Why not swing by, give it a go and let us know what you think?

Asian Restaurants In Joburg


Dim sum, noodles and drinks. That's what the People's Republic of Noodles (PRON, for short) is all about. PRON is an Asian owned restaurant that's stood the test of time in the culinary rat-race of Linden. The restaurant is owned by the very same family who owned Red Chamber in Hyde Park years ago. PRON specialises in cuisine native to Northern China - noodles.


Love Me So

What can we say? It's one of our favourite Asian restaurants in Joburg. One of the few ramen bars that actually make their own broth, kimchi, and noodles from scratch! Love Me So is an homage to Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cooking. Every dish is a love story written in broken mandarin read by local food fanatics who enjoy scoffing down bao buns, ramen bowls, and Korean BBQ.


Asian Restaurants In Joburg

2 Thai 4

It's all in the name! 2 Thai 4 is a hidden gem found on the back end of Corlett Drive in Illovo. The quick service, friendly smiles and value for money has made 2 Thai 4 a favourite Thai restaurant for many returning diners. Give the gaeng keow wan (green curry with chicken). To boot, the pineapple curry is something that's worth a second trip back to 2 Thai 4.


Momo Baohaus

With the growing popularity of the bao bun, many restaurants have added this item to their menus. But the dudes behind Momo Baohaus took it a step further and modeled their entire restaurant around this. But what is a bao bun? Simple, it's a steamed buns made from flour, milk, and yeast. These buns are then stuffed with panko-crumbed chicken, Siu Pork, shitake mushrooms... and so on and so forth. Momo Boahaus offers a wide aray of buns that'll meet your tummy-growling needs.



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