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Arts And Crafts Courses In Joburg

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We've made a list of some arts and craft classes that will take you from amateur to seasoned in a jiffy.  arts and crafts course

Craft Café

Craft Café is an arts and crafts store and café in Benoni. Aside from serving a good cup of java and freshly baked cakes that change daily, they also specialise in quality wool, scrap-booking necessities, a wide array of beads and beading tools, as well as a rainbow of mosaic tiles. They offer daily arts and crafts classes on beading, mosaics, quilting and scrap-booking for every level of experience. Check out their website to see what courses they are running on any given day. You can also see their Facebook page for handy arts and crafts hints and ideas and even memes.

Pottery Junxion

The Pottery Junxion in Edenvale is a specialist store in all things ceramic. They have a huge variety of ceramics, paints and mosaics. And they offer a variety of workshops for both young and old, professional or amateur. They also host some specialty courses. Some of the workshops they offer are ceramic painting, mosaics, Powertex and clock making. And they also host birthday parties, so you can make a day of art and craft fun with your friends and family. Check out their Facebook page to see their workshops.


Craft Classique

This craft store in Kempton Park imports special 180gms Premium Italian Flower Crepe paper. They use this high quality crepe paper to sculpt the most beautiful realistic flowers. This shop also stocks various other fine craft materials. They offer classes to teach how to use their high class products to make crepe flowers and for decoupage. You can find the date and times of these classes on their Facebook page.

The Yarn Tree

Needless to say, The Yarn Tree is a yarn store. What makes this store special is that they have a wide variety of yarn, available in natural, hand dyed, acrylic, imported and local. They also have crochet and knitting accessories in store. While knitting and crochet might be a little old-fashioned to some, it can still be an enjoyable hobby. You can join them for a class on knitting and crochet to learn beginner techniques or to make bags, shawls, jerseys, teddy bears and even baskets. Make sure to check out their Facebook page to see when their workshops take place.



This gallery and studio in Kensington focuses on pewter. Pewter is a clay like substance made from a mixture of metals that hardens. The final product from pewter crafts looks similar to silver. Mimmic offers beginner workshops that includes a kit with all the necessary tools and supplies. They also offer workshops in copper and other techniques. Check out their Facebook page to see their upcoming workshops.

Lavender and Time

Lavender and Time are also based in Edenvale. They sell and repair sewing machines and stock everything needed for quilting, embroidery and crocheting. These include fabric, wool and cotton, thread and needles. They host classes in quilting, embroidery, crocheting and even have the occasional smocking class. To see when and where their workshops are, check out their Facebook page.


Do you know of any other arts and crafts courses we may have missed? Let us know about them in the comments section below!


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