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All The Creativity You Need At Artivist/Untitled Basement

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Experience the best combination of music, food and drinks at the creative venue and restaurant, Artivist/Untitled Basement.

Johannesburg is embracing the live music scene and performing arts. What better place to experience live music and art than Untitled Basement/Artivist?

Untitled Basement/Artivist is situated in Braamfontein. This venue combines the best elements of art and takes it to a whole new level. They offer some of the best food, music and ambience, this is the ultimate triple treat.

The Art Of It All

Untitled Basement/Artivist is a two in one venue that includes a restaurant, Artivist, and a live music venue, Untitled Basement.

The combination of Untitled Basement and Artivist creates a space where you can experience the art of it all. From the food to the entertainment, you will be getting the best of the best.

Untitled Basement

Food And Drinks

The food at the Artivist is all about creativity, deliciousness and a generous menu. Here, you can explore new flavours. You get to enjoy amazing meals and you can pair the yummy food with their restaurant's select wines. The bar is well stocked with a variety of beverages.

Untitled Basement


The restaurant's decor is all about the art of simplicity. They have a minimalist look with spontaneous and creative touches.

The Untitled Basement brings in warmer touches with the decor, complimenting the ambience.

The restaurant decor and live music venue shine in their individuality, while still complimenting each other.

Untitled Basement


The Untitled Basement has created a centre stage that allows everyone to have full view of the performances.

The events are something to put on your bucket list, offering the opportunity to see performances by some of South Africa's top artists. Some of the artists that have performed here include Samthing Soweto, Sampa The Great, Urban Village and many more.

Untitled Basement

Have you been to this amazing venue? Let us know about it in the comments section below!


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