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Animal Charity Shops in Joburg

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Most of us suffer bleeding hearts when we see an animal in need. However we may not be able to adopt, foster or sponsor any of these fur babies. But that doesn't mean you can't help. By supporting or donating to any of the stores on this list, you'll be helping an animal in need, without breaking the bank.    


This is an animal charity shop based in North Riding. They offer a little bit of everything, like books, clothes, toys, DVDs, electronic devices and novelty items. This is a great store because you can get items for as little as R5. Saints doesn't leave it up to just their store either. They also have monthly book sales, where you can expect to pay R15 a book, at most, and all the funds go to a chosen charity. All the more interesting items go on auction on their Facebook page, so be sure to keep a keen eye out. And if all this wasn't enough, they also hire out an event venue, Murphy's, where all proceeds go to charity. Murphy's often hosts events to raise money for animal welfare such as their mid month vegan markets.

SPCA Shops

Most SPCAs have a charity shop on site. These can offer a range of items for re-sale. The most popular items are second-hand books. These shops are a great place to go on a hunt for that paperback that you need to complete your collection. It is also a good place to search for books to gift an avid reader whose tastes you're not familiar with. Best of all, these books are very affordable. Here is a list of the SPCAs in South Africa.

Tails and Whiskers

This shop in Edenvale collects household items to sell for animal charities. The sell a huge range of items such as DVDs, CDs, baking ware, collectibles and jewellery. They also have sales on Saturdays and auctions on Sundays if you are searching for a bargain. Every few months, they host wonderful charity markets, where you can browse what they have to offer, have a chat with the super friendly staff and be around like-minded people.

Paw Prints

This charity shop is located in Edenvale. They also have drop off locations in Centurion and Rouxville. This store works solely on donations from their supporters. They accept donations of any high quality item and sell them online. The profit then goes to animal charities to feed and care for the many animals who do not have homes. Their main beneficiaries are SPCAs around Gauteng, Humans Helping Animals and Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

Re-Sale Therapy

This charity shop specialises in good quality, second-hand items. They also have an online boutique, where you can purchase some beautiful, quality clothing available in all colours and sizes. They also offer prizes as rewards for people to donate to various animal charities.

Santa Cause for Paws

Despite it's name, this online store operates year round. They sell specialised mugs that have adorable animated images of every dog and cat breed you can think of. You can also get a mug with one of your own pets printed on it. This makes a much appreciated gift for any animal lover. During the Christmas season, they sell Christmas baubles tree that can be personalised with the name of your pets. They also offer blankets, crochet toys, dog treats and jewellery. If you would like to do more, they often have drives to donate to a specific cause. This includes their Christmas drives where they ask supporters to fill up a box for a puppy, kitten, dog or cat. These boxes need to be filled with two edible items, a blanket, a toy and something needed. These boxes then get donated to charities. You can pledge to donate your own box here.

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