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American-Style Dining At Chevy Lane

American-Style Dining At Chevy Lane

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We went in search of a diner-styled restaurant that serves up the best in American food, plays the best music and where we could eat right out of a car without worring about the mess or any long-lasting odours. Sounds like a tall order? Well, get ready to have your socks blown off because Chevy Lane in Bedfordview has all this and more. 

Chevy Lane is hidden away on the top floor of Bedford Centre in Bedfordview. This is a retro-styled diner inspired by the 50s, serving up American food serving up burgers to hot-dogs and everything in between.

Walking in, everything about this restaurant screams diner, from the black and white tiled floors, to the tables and chairs, the pinball machines and retro cars. One almost expects to see the waiting staff riding around on skates. The first thing you see is half a car stuck to the wall with bricks sticking out every which way, made to look like it had driven into a wall. Further in, there is a jungle gym and play area for the little kids, as well as pinball machines for the older kids and adult kids. You can sit in the diner-style seats, out on the veranda or in one of the classic cars that has been turned into tables.

For drinks, we ordered milkshakes. Simply because we can't try out Joburg's biggest diner-style restaurant without having a milkshake. He had a Trump - a vanilla and ginger biscuit concoction with a spicy ginger kick. I chose the Blueberry Cheesecake - crushed biscuits topped with a deliciously bright purple creation that tasted like heaven. Other milkshakes worth trying out are the Elvis, Cookie Monster and Cherry Cola. If you're in the mood for some a little stronger, try one of their spiked milkshakes in Roasted Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and Popcorn. For those not be worried about their waistline, Chevy Lane has a range of freak milkshakes available in Caramel, Bacon & Waffle, Death by Chocolate and Floating on Cloud 9 (blueberry, marshmallow and candyfloss).


For starters, we chose the Mozzarella Battens, as we are suckers for crispy melted cheese, or any cheese really. This is mozzarella cylinders crumbed and fried, served with a sweet and spicy chilli dipping sauce. Another starter worth trying out are the Mixed Poppers, chilli and peppadews stuffed with cream cheese and bacon, battered and fried, served with your choice of sour cream or BBQ sauce.

Now for the main course! I chose the regular nachos - a huge plate of crispy corn chips layered with a spicy salsa and topped with a very generous amount of cheese. All of this was served up with a bowl full of guacamole. My partner decided to try out The Mustang Monster Burger - a huge beef patty topped with bacon, egg, grilled mushrooms, cheese and onion rings. Oh boy, was this burger certainly worth the title of 'Monster Burger'!

For dessert, they have some decadent options. Such as their selection of waffles and crepes. But, our choice would have been the selection of three miniature desserts; apple pie, pumpkin pie and cheesecake. We did not get any of these desserts because they have an adjoining ice cream parlour, where you can get some creamy and frosted goodness. For a grownup "dessert", you can go to the built in Hollywood Detour Bar for a nightcap of whiskey, wine and cigars.

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