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Fun Alternative Fitness For Kids In Joburg

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Don't feel bad for wanting your little one to be fit, it's another way for them to learn about their tiny bodies. Check out Fun Alternative Fitness For Kids.

Let's just find the balance here, kids love to have an tons of fun and parents just want their children to be happy but parents have also become quite conscious about health when it comes to their children.

However, it can be so hard to find something that the kids will love doing and will give the parents peace of mind. Alternative Fitness For Kids is the way to go, it won't feel like fitness because they will have tons fun. Plus! you won't feel like such a drill sergeant.

So we have taken the courtesy to collate a few awesome places that we think will have you amped up and your children even more.

Alternative Fitness Johannesburg

Aerial Fitness Factory

Aerial fitness is fast becoming something that people are growing fond of, not really as popular in South Africa yet but will most certainly become more common soon. That is why we had to introduce you to Aerial Fitness Factory.

The aerial workout won't be on the ground so the little ones will love this. It's different, fun and is absolutely great for strength. The introduced a class called the Gravity Ninjas and this class for ages 4 - 18 years old. They hold these classes on Mondays and Thursdays.

They are situated in the Centurion area, right at the break between Joburg and Pretoria.

Alternative Fitness Johannesburg

Pai Tula Yoga

It's about letting go and finding your balance at the Pai Tula Yoga. They pride themselves in creating a hub for peace and wellness. More reason for the kids to join their kids yoga class.

Yoga allows kids to have body awareness, have better concentration and also great for improving the little one's self-confidence. The perk of having them do this class is that they don't need to do the standard after care at school drill.

See your child get stronger and develop before your eyes.

Alternative Fitness Johannesburg

Mini Bounce @ Bounce 

I think the whole of Johannesburg has become a bit of a regular at the infamous Bounce, and it's to no surprise that everyone loves being there. Bounce is a bottle of goodness filled with trampolines and joy

What is even more awesome is the Mini Bounce classes that they have for kids, this is a gymnastics class that involve the fun element of trampolining allowing all the children to live their best life. This class however is restricted to ages 3 - 6 years. So out with after care and in with something more fun.

They only allow a maximum of 16 kids per class, and while you wait for the little one, you get to enjoy some coffee that comes with the class package - 5 free coffee card for mum or dad. How's that for a deal?

It's All About Fun

So mama's and papa's, here's an opportunity to get your kids to do something fun, fitness encouraging and about learning new disciplines.

Change is good. Here's to alternative fitness.


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