African Wear Boutiques

Naturelle Fibre

For a perfect transition from a completely Westernised wardrobe to a more African one, Naturelle Fibre is the best brand to start you off. They create everyday functional clothing with an African twist. It's nothing over the top or eccentric, but rather simple elegance that highlights African elements, design, material and colours. From jackets and tracksuits to dresses and phenomenal skirts, they have it all. We also chatted to the founder of the brand.

Details: Call 072 534 2048

Bow Africa Fashion

For more ready-to-wear African-print-designed clothing, Bow Afrika Fashion is the place to go. This brand is for those who are a bit bolder and fearless, ready to flaunt their love of bright colours and unapologetic prints. So if you want to make a statement, then their ranges are definitely worth investing in. They also offer stunning bold accessories to suit your outfit of the day. We're talking neckpiece sets, bangles and earrings – they're absolutely divine!

Details: 20 Van Beek Street, Market Up Building, New Doornfontein, Maboneng, Johannesburg

Call 011 021 4060

Africa Fashion House

For more traditional attire, Africa Fashion House is your number one spot to visit. Just from looking through their range, you can see that most of their outfits stick to the core of what traditional African attire ought to look like, with inspiration from South Africa and all the way up to Nigeria. There are also some great pieces that include a more modern twist.

Details: Call 079 142 4693

P&H Boutique

P&H Boutique offers a wide range of clothing for women and men. For the guys, their African print shirts are very popular among South African men who love to embrace their culture with a slightly modern twist. For women, they have everything from accessories and dresses to skirts, jackets and tops. Their jackets are great for spring and summer, so if you want to get ahead of your summer shopping, you know where to go.

Details: Call 071 484 2656


At Makotis, you get a little more than just finished pieces – they also stock some stunning African and African-print fabrics, allowing you to create a masterpiece of your own. And unlike most boutique stores, this one has something special for the men too: a headgear section. Ladies, they also have great accessories to pick from, alongside scarves and doeks, that are sure to make a statement. For an extra dose of culture, ditch the Western throws and invest in Makotis' Aranda Picollo blankets.

Details: 112 Helen Joseph Street, Johannesburg

Call 010 900 4158

Know of other great African wear boutiques not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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