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Find Your Muse At These Acting Schools In Johannesburg

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Find your inner character with these Acting Schools In Joburg. This is where all the curtains open and the storytelling begins. The Market Lab Johannesburg

There is nothing quite like storytelling, breathing life into a script or perhaps expressing what lives on the inside and is bursting to come out. It's like poetry, speaks for those unspoken. So, if you have been searching for acting schools around Johannesburg, we will help with getting you started on all that drama.

Why You Need The Drama?

First and foremost, the performing arts is a great way to tell beautiful stories. Whether it's storytelling that heals yourself or other people that can resonate with what you have to say.

Learning the art of drama can really allow you to find yourself in the process. Through drama, you can discover a lot of things that you love or even dislikes that grate you, but it's all about growth and enjoyment.

A few things that you need to know:

  • All you need to do is just be yourself.
  • Although you may live in many characters, your own personality really helps the character shine through.
  • Don't push yourself to be perfect - there is beauty in imperfection too.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously - easy-going is the trick.
  • There is a reason why you discover a lot in the process, it's about exploring.
  • Have fun.

Now, let us take a look at some cool places around Joburg that will lead you to the right direction.

The Market Theatre

The Market Theatre Laboratory

You might be familiar with the Market Theatre, The Market Theatre Laboratory known as the MarketLab is an element of the umbrella that brings you creation, art education and performance.

The MarketLab trains actors and theatre makers so here you will learn the best of both worlds. They will help you understand the vast difference between the impactful acting for TV and the defining traits of acting for on-stage.

This is a great place to meet artistic people and be surrounded by Raw Art. Another cherry on top, they have open dance classes as well.

The Johannesburg Academy for Theatre Arts

Johannesburg Academy Of Theatre Arts

JATA as it is known; is all about nurturing the craft of young people. The Johannesburg Academy Of Theatre Arts offers semi-private and private weekly acting classes.

They pride themselves in making the youth realise their talent and love for the performing arts. They specialise in a multifaceted range of acting, which also includes a musical theatre holiday club.

This is a great extra mural to implement while the children are growing so that they can learn new disciplines.

AFDA Johannesburg


Love the drama, but from behind the scenes? AFDA is the place you need to acquaint yourself with.

AFDA is school that specialises in Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance. It's all about capturing the drama. They offer courses in Undergraduate, Higher Certificate and Postgraduate.

AFDA is available in all the major cities in Mzansi so you can start exploring what they have to offer. This is where producers are made.

The Curtains Close

We have explored a tasty offering Jozi has for us, what's left is for us to take the first step to a world of discovery, characters, emotions, capturing the moments, untold stories and many places the performing arts can take you.

Last realistic words to leave you with...

Ralph Waldo Emerson -“Every artist was first an amateur.”

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