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5 Ways To Advertise Your Restaurant 

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The world has opened up again and people are hungry - hungry to be out and about and hungry for (hopefully) the delicious meals you offer. So how do you get you your name out there? Here are 5 ways you can market your business.

Want to advertise your restaurant? With some creativity and basic know-how, marketing can be easy, budget-friendly, and effective.

Facebook Location Ads

Facebook's location ads allows you to target people in the vicinity of your restaurant. It also lets you track whether they saw the ad or visited your website or page. You can set your budget and control you audience. This is a great option to get started with when you advertise your restaurant online.


Coupons and discounts are an evergreen way to attract customers your restaurant. Why not offer 10% off for anyone who signs up to your mailing list? You may be getting in 10% less of their bill - but you're buying much more than that. Namely, feet through your door and customers engaging and trying your offering. If they've had a good experience, they're likely to tell their friends.

Email Marketing

Now that you have a base of user emails thanks to your discount campaign, you can take this opportunity to send them news and updates about your business. To maintain high open rates and reduce the amount of people who unsubscribe, include highly relevant, punchy content about your business that will appeal to your base.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is when you send promotional text messages to your customers to alert them to relevant news relating to your business. SMS messages are a very personal and direct way to reach your customers. Send special offers and discounts through your SMS database and remind them of who you are. The idea is to keep yourself top of mind. With people so engaged in social media and the web, SMSes can be a good way to stand out from the crowd and grab attention.

Influencer Collaborations

Have you spotted a particular foodie or influencer on social media who you think resonates with your restaurant's brand? Why not consider a collaboration? Collaborations can be paid for, or it could be as simple as inviting them for a free meal at your establishment. If you impress them, they're likely to share a post or picture to their multitude of followers. People look to their favourite social media foodies for recommendations, and are likely to try out a spot endorsed by those they're following.

Go For Localised Marketing

One of the most effective forms of communication for your restaurant is through a reputable publication. has established itself as a highly popular lifestyle platform that people trust to give them information on where to eat, travel, stay, and have fun in the city of Johannesburg.
With our large and engaged Joburg-based audience, we’re the perfect channel for your restaurant to connect with the right diners.
We help you communicate with your audience via targeted campaigns that will drive leads and conversions. By analysing data and utilising our knowledge of marketing automation, we have been able to segment our bases by individual wants and needs.
We have packages that will suit your restaurant size and budget. Find out what we can do for you today.

Advertise Your Restaurant 


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