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10 Benefits Of Flying On A Private Jet To South Africa

10 Benefits Of Flying On A Private Jet To South Africa

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South Africa is a popular destination for travelers and holidaymakers. The beautiful landscapes, unbeatable sandy beaches, and a chance to see the big five safari animals are only a few reasons to visit.

Holidays start from home, so when planning a visit, many tourists prefer to arrive in luxury on a charter jet. The flexibility and convenience provided by traveling on a privately owned plane is the perfect way to begin this trip of a lifetime. 

1. Unlimited Flight Options 

When traveling to South Africa, commercial flight options may be limited. The airport destination will be pre-chosen, and some airlines might not even fly near the location needed. This can severely limit the choice of airline. Connecting flights are also standard with commercial air travel to South Africa.

Eliminate these worries by choosing to fly on a private jet. Booking a private flight allows travelers to select the plane's journey. The nearest airports can be used for departure and arrival, and the flight will always be direct. 

2. Less Time Flying 

Private jets save valuable traveling time. There is less time spent in the air as the plane will fly the most direct route to prevent wasting time. During the journey, there is no waiting around in airports for connecting flights. Just avoiding the airport queues and security check-in can prevent any valuable hours from being lost.

3. Shorter Transfer Times 

Transfers can be frustrating when traveling, especially if the airport is a long distance from the hotel. By booking a private jet, transfer times can be kept to a minimum. Both departure and arrival airports can be chosen when planning the journey, giving maximum flexibility to the route and enabling the closest airports to be used.

4. Planned At Short Notice

Commercial flights need to be booked weeks to months in advance and take a lot of planning. In comparison, a private plane can be reserved only hours before. The only notice needed is the time it takes to find a crew and get permission to take off and land. The time that the plane departs can also be chosen to fit perfectly around busy schedules. 

5. Less Crowding 

One of the main appeals of flying in a privately-owned jet is that fewer people will be traveling. The plane is exclusively for the individual party booked on the flight, so there is no need to worry about having to squash into a seat between two strangers. 

Quieter airports can also be used, so fewer passengers will be around, making it less stressful when arriving to meet the plane. People find it is a much more pleasant experience when they have more space to wait in and fewer interactions with strangers.

6. No Cancellations 

The worst-case scenario when traveling with a commercial airline is that the flight is canceled. Unfortunately, this can be common and is very disappointing, especially if it happens after waiting at the airport for hours. When using a private jet, cancellations never occur. The flight time has been booked by the person flying, and often they have chosen their preferred crew, ensuring maximum reliability.  

7. Travel With Pets 

Plane travel can be very distressing for a pet, and owners do not like to see their pet upset by the harsh traveling rules of commercial airlines. When traveling privately, pets can travel in luxury. There is no need for the pet to travel in the hold, as they can spend the flight with their owner, calm and stress-free. Pets will still need valid travel documentation and health certificates upon arrival in South Africa. 

8. Travel In Luxury 

There is nothing luxurious about traveling on a commercial plane. The cramped, noisy traveling conditions and close proximity to strangers are enough to put anyone off flying. Instead, flying privately is the answer. There are comfortable seats with cushions to enjoy and plenty of space to relax. On long flights, there is space to walk around, and the seats will convert into inviting beds when flying through the night.

9. Personalized Travel

The best part about using a private jet is the inclusion of essential home comforts. Catering options can be selected before flying, so it is guaranteed that everyone's favorite food and drink will be on board. Baggage allowances are also more lenient, allowing sufficient luggage to be taken. There is also no need to worry about lost luggage as belongings are kept with passengers.  

10. Privacy

Everyone likes their privacy, so being in such close proximity to other passengers can cause anxiety when flying commercially. Packed planes can be a very stressful environment for many travelers, so eliminating this by traveling privately is unbeatable, especially when traveling long distances. 

There are many reasons why flying in a privately hired aircraft is the best way to travel to South Africa. A positive experience is guaranteed, and everyone arrives relaxed and ready to start their trip. It is hard to see why anyone would choose to fly by commercial airlines after experiencing a private flight. 


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