Breathtaking Youtube Music Channels To Add To Your Playlist

As unique as we all are, I can assure you; music is thee thing that everyone can not help but be moved by. It either speaks to us or speaks for us, so I figured I should share these amazing YouTube music channels for an amazing experience!

Breathtaking Youtube Music Channels To Add To Your Playlist

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Music Channel - Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds

Artistic, that’s the word that defines this super awesome platform. Sofar Sounds creates an experience for artists and music lovers, bringing a very raw, intimate setting to every space they find. So basically, they transform spaces into works of art and hosts some of the most talented musicians around.

Sofar yet so close! 😀 Okay, that was cheesy but the reason I say this is because many do not know about this amazing channel. Those who do, think its an international platform only but guess what – there is a Sofar Johannesburg too. Talk about a YAY! moment.

How to get tickets to these intimate sessions? Well! You have to apply and if you are selected, you will receive an email a day before with the secret address. You can bring your own refreshments and discover a whole new world of artistry. Here is a taste!


It’s a Colors show!

If you are looking to find some amazing up and coming, underground, experimental artists and out of this world music then Colors is one of the YouTube Music Channels you should include in your next listening sessions. This is an incredible platform that showcases talent at its best. They have a very unique setting; very minimalist, using one colour to draw all the attention to the artist and the music. Did I mention that the diversity is insane? with artists from all walks of life sharing a piece of them for the love of music.

Here’s a little something to inspire you… 😉

Tiny Desk Sessions

Music genius is what “Tiny Desk” brings to the table, literally. Brought to you by NPR Music and hosted by Bob Boilen. This platform is one of the best Youtube Music Channels I’ve seen. They have hosted some of the most incomparable artists like Florence and The Machine, Mac Miller, Erykah Badu, John Legend, HER and many more. NPR Music selects artists who bring art and experiment to their intimate vibe.

Highlight when I was watching one of their sessions, seeing T-Pain break down everything without auto tune. So, you can only imagine how raw the live music is. Worth adding to your playlist!

Music Channel - Tiny Desk

Photo by Morgan McCloy or NPR

Feel Good Live Sessions

It’s all in the name Fam, Feel Good Live Sessions is all about creating good vibes. This has to be one of Msanzi’s best YouTube music channels yet, showcasing SA’s very own artists. The setting is perfect, allowing artists to really get creative with unplugged music, experimentals and more.

These sessions are brought to you by JR’s Feel Good Music company, breaking down all the clutter and just serving intimate session, quality musicianship and feel good vibes.

Just to add a cherry on top, Coke Studios is also a goody. They feature some of the most unexpected collaborations to make a world of magic.

So Jozi, let’s explore. Try something new. We don’t want bad music in our playlist, we want the good, that’s it. Can I get AMEN!!! 

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