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Yiro Hotspots In The City

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Yiros, or gyros, are popular Greek morsels of food. They consist of a thick bread wrap stuffed with wonderful Greek ingredients like halloumi or marinated chicken or lamb. All juiced up with a creamy tzatziki or hummus and a crunch of salad. Our mouths are watering from the thought of this Greek taco, is yours? Well then, here are the best yiro hotspots in the city. yiro


This Greek eatery is based in the popular mixed-use precinct of Melrose Arch. They specialise in Mediterranean fare perfectly paired with sweet wines. Their menu boasts a wide selection of olives, cheeses, dips, salads, seafood, vegetarian and meat options. But it is their yiros that keep us coming back for more. Their yiros come in several options, but the halloumi version is a favourite. The cheese is crispy and golden and somehow more flavourful than regular halloumi. It is served with the creamiest tzatziki and a lovely array of fresh ingredients adding the perfect crunch.

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Zorbas Taverna

This little eatery is tucked away in the heart of Boksburg, down Northrand Road. They are a small family-owned business that makes great Greek food. What is great about this restaurant is that they have Greek Evenings featuring music, dance and, of course, plate breaking. What would any Greek night be without a bit of plate breaking? For those less destructive than us, the food is reason enough to visit. Their yiros are available in beef, kefte (meatballs), lamb, pork, sheftalia (pork kebabs), chicken, calamari, squid, halloumi or feta and falafel. Pro tip - when in doubt, go for the chicken. This succulent spiced chicken will always be a winner. And delicious. If you're up for it, try their Greek coffee. But be warned, this miracle drink is not for everyone.

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This restaurant has several locations throughout Joburg. They offer Greek specialty food that will make you feel like you're on the white sandy beaches of Greece. Their selection of olives and feta options are definitely worth a try. Their yiro comes in one option - beef, but they do it well. Fresh bread stuffed with tender cuts of marinated beef, followed by the slight crunch of the vegetables, all coming together with a scrumptious sauce. Yum!

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Mythos is one of the largest and most popular Greek restaurants in Joburg with eight locations in all four corners of our city. They offer authentic Greek cuisine such as souvlaki, meze and, of course, yiros. They have a variety of yiros including chicken, halloumi and beef. The Chicken & Halloumi yiro is a must try, as it combines the best of both worlds - meat and cheese. The yiros are served with tzatziki, tomato and red onion. Just be sure to try a slice of their sweet and rich Baklava Cheesecake before you leave.

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Nikos also has several locations scattered across Joburg. Their menu, though small, is filled with ample choices from meze to desserts. Out of all the places on this list, their yiro options are the most extensive with 13 choices in chicken, beef, pork, lamb and vegetarian. We can't recommend any particular yiro, we rather suggest you try them all and pick your favourite. This way, you'll get a chance to try their meats, vegetables and dips as well as all the combinations of the three.

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Dominique's Café

This café is located in Cresta Shopping Centre in the northern suburbs. Their menu is stacked with plentiful options from stuffed waffles to gourmet sandwiches. None of these items are yiros though. What they do have are zivas, which are naan-like flat breads folded around delectable stuffings. In essence, a ziva is a yiro. Or at least they're similar enough to warrant a ziva making this list. They have a few options to choose from but the Halloumi, Avo and Tomato Ziva is close to the best thing since sliced bread. If Greek food is lacking anything, it's the creaminess of fresh avocado. This ziva brings the lusciousness of avocado to the almost perfect yiro, giving us perfection.

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