Let’s Light Up The Fragrance With A Yankee Candle

An item that goes unnoticed all the time, a candle. What would we be without something to light up the room? Yankee candles are just what you need.

Let’s Light Up The Fragrance With A Yankee Candle

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It’s easy to neglect an item when you don’t see the value of it, no matter how small, some things just simply go unnoticed. Like a candle for instance, so why not light up the room with Yankee Candle.

Yankee Candle

Yankee Who?

It is quite easy to confuse this with the American food joint, however as delicious as that may be – we are talking about Yankee Candle. The beautifully packaged in a jar type of candles, scented with a calming effect.

These have become quite popular in the country, making it into people’s homes, stores, yoga studios to name the least. Who can resist the reusable beautiful jars?

So here is the quick low down, Yankee Candle came to ‘light’ because of a man named Mike Kittredge. He was inspired by a childhood memory that he himself never knew would become such a budding success and change the game. Quite a profound story that touches the chords of humble beginnings.

Many years later, what was created in the US landed on the shores of the ‘motherland’ and made many happy.

Yankee Candle

Why We Love To ‘Yank’ Things Up?

Not only are their candles and jars super cool, they have multitudes of different ones with amazing fragrant. They pride themselves in the quality craftsmanship that goes into each and every candle.


As much as it may seem like a factor that doesn’t matter, it actually really does. Yankee has different notes to choose from which include top note, middle note and base note. What makes them different?

Base Note – this note takes its time, however once it breaks out; it lasts the longest.

Middle Note – this one has notes that evolve over time (so we can call this one “Patience”).

Top Note – this one evaporates quicker however is very dominant in releasing its true colours.

So if you want to set the tone, create an ambience, maybe consider lighting up a candle. They also have lovely car fragrances.

Yankee Candle


The colour of the Yankee Candle is enough to be coordinated to the decor with ease, but not only do they have that but they also have a decor range that comprises of medium to large pillars.

This creates the elegant look that grabs anyone’s attention. If you want to spice things up even more, they have Illuma Lids which are beautiful accessories used as a top covering. The lids are designed to allow the candle room to breathe so you won’t be burning anything.

If you are a purist, the closest thing you can get are the signature reeds, they come in different designs so you do have a choice as they have a wide variety. These make for an amazing gift if paired with the candle.

Where To find Them?

You can find Yankee Candle at selected stockists or you can buy them online with the simplicity of having them delivered to your preferred spot.

So, how about that romantic dinner or maybe a time alone session with candles, music and a glass of juice (or wine).

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