Yamitsuki Is A Love Letter To Sushi

As one of the few teppanyaki restaurants in Johannesburg, Yamitsuki has nestled itself into the local culinary scene as a prominent figure of post-World War 2 Japanese cuisine.

Dim Sum

Dive into a trove of beautiful and delicious dumplings hot off the bamboo steamers. Patrons can expect options such as spinach and cream cheese, coriander chicken with cashews, and chicken, basil, and chilli to name a few.


Yamitsuki’s claim to fame is its sushi, or to be more precise, its flaming sushi. The restaurant’s dedication to the craft is evident in the fact that they have a sushi bar complete with conveyor belt. With a sushi menu as long as the N1 highway, one thing is for certain – it’s all delicious. Interesting varieties include biltong and cream cheese rolls, soft shell crab tempura rolls, and the prawn tempura, cheese and smoked salmon with dynamite sauce and thick soy sauce. There are no wrong choices!

Stir fry, Noodles & Curry

Can’t have Asian food without stir fry and noodles! But a lesser known Japanese dish is curry. Yup, you read that right. Curries have become so popular in Japenese cuisine that it’s been added to the country’s list of national dishes. Patrons can expect tangy curry flavours, served with a side of choice chicken, beef fillets, or prawns. And for added variety, the menu also boasts Thai green, red and yellow curries served with veg, chicken, or prawn. For the noodles, you can choose between wok fried, egg fried, or rice noodles served with a protein of your choice (veg, beef fillet, calamari, prawn, or chicken). These come with a variety of sauces such as smokey soy, spicy cashew, or sweet and sour. The stirfries sing a song about the usual suspects such as sweet and sour, crispy beef, and chicken cashew nut.


There are a handful of yōshoku (Western cuisine) that pop up on the menu. These items include hamburgers and fish and chips, lending familiarity to an otherwise foreign menu.

It’s kanpai and bottoms up at Yamitsuki. The drinks menu sings songs as sweet as the breeze at the foot of Mount Fuji during springtime. A must-have would be their signature wasabi martini, complete with a fire show.

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