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WorldWear Lifestyle Fashion Village

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Corner of Beyers Naudé Drive and Wilson Street

After opening WorldWear Lifestyle Fashion Village’s doors in October 2006, a burst of very fashionable energy was born into the dynamic world of retail as a daringly different concept. WorldWear is the creation of an inverted open village style centre that captures the essence of a serene environment.

Aesthetically pleasing, featuring the poised flair of a European high street encounter with a spacious, crisp and tranquil backdrop, WorldWear redefines the shopping experience that furthermore embraces the strong African twist that is sewn through the centre with the supportive presence of globally sought after local fashion designers among the famously winning international fashion ‘must haves’.

The imaginative appeal of WorldWear exposes its guests to daily doses of, open air, wide walkways and natural light that all contribute to the crisp and refreshing experiences held within the innovative space, creating an extraordinary shopping encounter.

WorldWear Lifestyle Fashion Village is intent on enhancing the experience for consumers with an array of activity spread across various cultural interests and ever entertaining enticement on a regular basis.

The major anchors stores that enhance the experience offered at WorldWear include; Seemanns Food Emporium, Pro Shop Golf Shop and Mr. Price Home and soon to be welcoming of an all new Pick ‘n Pay; all of whom have created a uniquely improved experience of shopping befitting of WorldWear as a stylishly superior way of shopping; less taxing on the purse strings than one would expect.

Just a few of those catwalk creations that are sure to get tongues wagging are Guess, Diesel, Hip Hop, Rage, Ostentatious, Adidas, Puma, Greys, Timberland and a variety of other fashionable surprises that are further enhanced by chic accessories and fabulous footware including Aldo, Magic Shoes, Socrati’s and more.

WorldWear Lifestyle Fashion Village is evolving to create an even more enhanced experience for the fashionably discerning shopper.

Expect to find added convenience soon; as WorldWear Lifestyle Fashion Village constructs the new Pick n Pay Kitchen concept as well as the welcoming of a few more beautifully fashionable stores.

WorldWear Lifestyle Fashion Village is the destination for an experience in shopping appreciation.

High Fashionability, High Affordability and Fabulously Fine Food.

Contact Centre Managment on the details alongside for more information.


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