Make The Change In Combating Hunger With World Food Day

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Make a difference and help eradicate hunger this World Food Day, "because when it comes to hunger, the only acceptable number is zero”.


16 October is World Food Day. It is a day that challenges us to take action in eradicating hunger in our communities and around the world. A step to making a real difference and contribution towards someone who is really in need.

This is a great initiative that aims to change the game and create the change by contributing either time, finances or networks to gather in the combating hunger. It may all sound like an impossible dream, but JAM founder Peter Pretorius tells us that it can be done. “It’s no small challenge, of course,” he says, “but if we all focus our attention, if we each play our own part, the ‘real amazing’ truth is that we can make that dream a reality in our lifetime.”

JAM, an African-founded international humanitarian organisation, is committed to ending poverty and starvation one step at a time in Africa. JAM, has managed to feed one child a nutritious meal for less than R2,00 a day and in doing so has impacted on education, skills development, employment, sustainable farming, and even given communities access to their own clean drinking water. To date, JAM has served over 1.6 billion meals to children in need.


Here are ways in which you can lend a helping hand:

Share Your Time
People can help the organisation by spending a day helping them sort out clothes and shoes that need to be donated to designated schools and communities. It really doesn't take only money to help out - offering up your time can make a huge difference in pushing the initiative forward in eliminating hunger sooner. People can also raise awareness about the organisation and its programme by hosting fundraising events.

Share Your Money
JAM has made it easier for people to get involved by giving donations by upping the ante and using new media such as Snapscan, Direct Payment, Debit and well as SMS. The donation covers one child for an entire year through JAM’S school feeding programmes. Donations can also be made towards a crèche makeover or community garden.

Share Your Network

Through the power of social media, everyone has the ability to effect change. It all starts with a conversation and a conversation can lead to much bigger things such as getting people involved in upcoming projects or events, policy changes and getting donations.

“Let’s not allow another World Food Day to slip by without opening our hearts to the very real changes we can so easily make."

Find more information here.

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