Wondering What To Do In London?

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Decided that you want to head to London for a dream destination holiday but don’t know what to do or where to start? Then keep reading, as we have a few spots that you definitely should check out while you’re there. KLM London

Where To Eat?

When heading to England, your visit is not complete without tucking into a typical British dish… fish and chips! And if you are looking for some of the best fish and chips in town that won’t cost you a pretty penny, then be sure to visit Baileys Fish and Chips restaurant on Dawes Road. Their fish and chips come highly recommended.

And if you’re looking for some Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, be sure to make your way to TortelliniCup on Finchley Road, a real gem in London. You can expect to indulge in delicious, flavoursome, and moreish Italian dishes prepared with freshly-made pasta which is cooked up right in front of you. And, since there is too much to explore in so little time, you can enjoy your Italian delights on-the-go in a handy take-away cup. Talk about convenience!

What To Do?

Hanging Out

If you love markets, then you’ll be spoilt for choice in London! Take a leisurely stroll through a number of different markets and take a look at everything they have to offer. Borough Market and Real Food Market are just the spots for you if you love your food and enjoy people watching. And, if you’re looking for a market that offers a wide range of items and souvenirs, then head to Camden Lock Market.

Going Out

Get a little fresh air in, relax, and take a walk through one of the largest parks in London, Hyde Park. There is plenty you can do while visiting the park, from sussing out Kensington Palace and Serpentine Galleries, to hiring a paddle boat to cruise down the river.

And, another must-do while you’re in London… The London Eye! Enjoy a 30 to 40-minute ride and enjoy the stunning views of the city.

KLM London

Points Of Interest

You haven’t explored London enough if you haven’t done some sightseeing in the city. View the Tower Bridge over the Thames River, or take a tour or walk over the London Bridge. Another attraction that you need to see for yourself is Big Ben and Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard. And to put the cherry on top of your adventure, take a cable car over the Thames River and take in the view.

KLM London

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