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Winter Makeup Trends 2020

Winter Makeup Trends 2020

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Just because we can’t flit around the city this winter doesn’t mean we should neglect our beauty regimes. If you haven’t worn a stitch of makeup since lockdown began, check out these trendy winter makeup looks to get inspired.  makeup trends


Give your eye game a makeover this winter by embracing the top trends of the season. Some may seem a little out there, but isn’t that what makeup is all about? Experiment with new colours while you’re stuck at home so you can enter the real world with uber confidence. 

Winged Eyeliner

The classic winged lid is back! Also known as the 'Cleopatra' look, winged eyeliner makes a powerful statement. Use a high quality liquid liner to achieve this look. It may take a bit of practice, so don’t attempt this look right before an important video conference or Facetime date, unless you have a super steady hand.

Pops Of Colour

Who doesn’t love a bit of colour? This season’s eyeshadow and mascara trends are all about bursting pops of colour, from bright reds, to neon and even pastel tones. Play around with the rules, too. Draw outside the lines and try a lower lid colour line or a jagged eyeshadow effect. Even though it’s dreary outside, you can still express your playful nature through your makeup looks. 

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Pack away your primers, highlighters and contouring tools. Keep your makeup routine clean and simple this winter instead of shading in every angle of your face. The cold weather can easily dry out your skin, too, so avoid heavy makeup for now. 

Blush Pink

Blush is back! Pretty pinks are here to brighten your winter look and give you an air of girlish coyness. However, it’s important to find a blush tone suited to your skin to avoid looking like a ragdoll. Lighter skin tones can pull off baby pink while melanin queens totally rock a deep blush pink. 

Lighter Than Air Foundation

Even though we tend to sweat less in winter, there’s no need to lay on six layers of foundation. This is especially true for those of us with oily and acne-prone skin. Use a light CC cream with at least SPF 15 coverage for your daytime look, reserving your foundation for special occasions like a trip to the grocery store! 

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Winter is the perfect time to play around with statement lip looks. Whether you go for a classic, striking red or a runway-inspired vamp queen aesthetic, you’re sure to look stunning. 

Classic Red

Red lipstick never goes out of style. This look is great for an everyday get up or to impress that special someone. If you don’t already have a trusty red lipstick tucked away in your purse, spoil yourself this season. Pair with your perfected winged eyeliner for a dramatic date-night-in look. 

Vampy Chic

The 90s vampy aesthetic was all the rage a few years back. This winter, it’s making somewhat of a comeback, but in a more sophisticated way. Think dark mauve lip shades, but without the excess eyeliner. This look doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s always fun to try something new. As long as you don’t resemble the undead, you should be alright to wear this shade of lipstick with confidence.

Check out these awesome online beauty and fashion stores to pick up all you need to perfect these winter looks. 


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