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Winter 2017 Specials

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Winter sales are the way to go. Here are some of our favourites that we simply have to share with you.

United Fashion Outlet (ongoing)

Can we really call it a winter sale if it takes place throughout the year? Well, yes, because all the best seasonal items – think warm jackets, thick jerseys and boots – will be on special. There's always a bargain to score at one of our favourite retail stores, be it a pair of Adidas sneakers or a pretty dress. Simply pop in, have a look around and you'll find something worth your while at a discounted price.

H&M Kids Collection (08 Mar to 31 May 2017)

Since H&M arrived on our shores, their clothing and accessories have been turning heads. Now you can get your hands on their latest kids collection at a discounted price. This sale will be ending soon, so jump while you can. The range covers both cold and windy days, so H&M's timing is perfect.

Mr Price Men (10 April 2017 to 10 July 2017)

South Africa's most trusted clothing retailer, Mr. Price, is rolling out a handful of men's winter wear at a lowered price until July. Best you get your behind in store and fitted with a brand new pair of jeans, or perhaps a trendy sweater that'll attract some well-deserved attention. Check their site for more info.

Nine West (05 May 2017 to 03 Aug 2017)

America's favourite wholesale clothing brand, Nine West, is having a massive sale. You can grab the latest trends at the lowest of prices at most of their retail stores. Just imagine the most adorable pumps in your closet, the prettiest leather boots warming your feet and those high heels that can slice an outfit in half.

Cape Union Mart (04 April 2017 until stocks last)

The Gear Up For Winter sale has started with a bang at Cape Union Mart. The sale is still running (at the time of writing), so head down to your nearest Cape Union Mart outlet and buy up all the warm goodies they have on offer. These items include – but are not limited to – hoodies, jerseys, pullovers and sleeping bags (and other camping equipment).

New Balance (12 April 2017 until 28 May 2017)

One of our favourite sporting brands is having an introductory sale of its latest catalogue. This includes the latest running shoes, tech gadgets and outfits. From smart watches to trendy ski-pants, they've got it all. Working out has never looked this good before.


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6 comments on “Winter 2017 Specials”

  1. Our wardrobe could seriously do with a revamp.... specially since we are moving out and need to clean out a lot of things and give it to charity.. so we can make some space for some new cloths.... Hopefully we get to unpack our old boxes soon so we can start shopping!!!

  2. I could do with a nice shopping spree for my partner and her niece. This would make such an awesome 12 year anniversary gift. Super article!

  3. Great shop,, Will share this voucher with the whole family,,decluttered our wardrobes before winter and gave everything to a shelter Wow, this will be a great treat to just go mad and get new clothes

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