Wing Joints You Need To Know About To Start Winging It

Sticky fingers and all, we love our wings but we won’t settle for average so that is why we have to introduce you to these spots. Yum nation, I tell you!

Wing Joints You Need To Know About To Start Winging It

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Don’t we just love a good, generous serving of wings. I’m talking sticky, juicy and tasty without compromise. We don’t settle. So that’s why we had to share the below Wing Spots with you. Disappointment? Nada.

Why am I so passionate about our wings? Why not fam? I love food guys and I make it my mission to indulge in scrumptious or juicy wings (this depends on where you dine). Wings are the best thing you order wherever you may be. Be it a market, pop-up or restaurant.

Wing Spots Joburg

Everyone Needs A Brooklyn Brother In Their Life

The first time I ever paid Brooklyn Brothers a visit was the one in Bedfordview and boy did I enjoy my meal. Have you ever been so full, but continue eating because the food is just melt in your mouth and down right delicious? That is exactly how I felt.

They have over 15 wing flavours and I have tried 7, the ones that I have tried have all met my expectation. However, I do have to confess that my one ultimate favourite is the ‘Honey mustard’ wings. They are just juicy and addictive (Guys! I am hooked).

Their wings are made traditional Southern style caressed with the best flavour.

Wing Spots Joburg


Why Not Eat Sumting Fresh And Juicy

Honestly, sometimes I can be quite bias when it comes to Sumting Fresh, but the reality is that their food is definitely out of this world. Their wings…*drools like a tap*.

Here is a weird confession on my end, I have tried everything they have on their menu however I only managed to try their tasty wings when I was at the DSTV Delicious Fest last year and boy did I feel stupid for not having tried them sooner. These babies taste like heave…

So basically, the deep fry these awesome coated wings caress them with cheese, their in-house sauce, mayo and serve that with a bed of lettuce, a slice watermelon and sweetcorn. There is nothing like it!

Wing Spots Joburg


Sometimes You Have To Go Through Hell To Get To Heaven

Hell’s Kitchen surprised the pant off of me, this is the part when you realise that a place has good food but you have never tried their wings because you think they might not live up to expectation. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – did I listen? No, I deprived myself of eating these wings sooner.

Their wings, my God! Delicious pass measure, I almost ate my fingers. They are given so much love, I can’t begin to express how much I love the baste. I still don’t know who makes it, but props to them. This is the only place with ‘Hell’, that I can confidently say has wings that are sent from heaven.

Now that you have heard my confessions and secrets, this is the time to use them wisely. I have trusted you with my special places so you can also take part in this mouthwatering experience Jozi.

Eat away!

{Featured Image by Brooklyn Brothers}

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